Board of Education to hold teleconference Board meeting

Board of Education to hold teleconference Board meeting

The Board of Education’s next monthly meeting is Tuesday, April 21. The Board is observing social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it will conduct the meeting entirely via teleconference. There will be no public access to the Jesse L. Starkey Administration Building on Radio Station Road in La Plata; however, the meeting will stream live on and air live on Comcast Channel 96 and Verizon FiOs Channel 12. Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) will rebroadcast the meeting as well as post it on CCPSTV under the Board Meeting tab.

Executive session begins at noon, and the public portion of the meeting starts at 1 p.m. Agenda items have been condensed to include updates and issues that require Board attention at this time. Although the Board is unable to make Public Forum live, it is encouraging the public to email comments to Board members will read all comments as well as post them on There will not be any recognitions during this meeting.

Board meetings are streamed live on the school system website at Select the live stream image displayed in the center of the home page. The following is a tentative meeting agenda and is subject to change.



I. Executive Session –[Pursuant to 3-305 and 3-103 of the General Provisions Article] – 12 p.m.

II. Call to Order1 p.m.

III. Superintendent’s update to the Board, Kimberly A. Hill, Ed.D., superintendent of schools

IV. Reports of Officers/Boards/Committees

  • Correspondence/Board members’ updates 
  • Education Association of Charles County update: Linda McLaughlin, president
  • American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees update: Sarah Burch, president
  • Student Board member’s update: DeJuan Woods, Jr., Thomas Stone High School 
  • Information item
    • Eric Schwartz, staff attorney
      • Review of instructional policies that may need to be suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic
    • Amy Hollstein, deputy superintendent
      • Grading options
  • Information item
    • Sherri Fisher Davis, budget manager
      • Intercategory budget change
  • Information item
    • Eric Schwartz, staff attorney
      • Review of non-instructional policies that may need to be suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic

V. Unfinished Business

VI. New Business and Future Agenda Items

  • New Business
    • Vote on suspension of Board policies
    • Vote on grading options
  • Future agenda items

VII. Action Items

  • Minutes
  • Personnel

VIII. Adjournment

About CCPS

Charles County Public Schools provides 27,521 students in grades prekindergarten through 12 with an academically challenging education. Located in Southern Maryland, Charles County Public Schools has 37 schools that offer a technologically advanced, progressive and high quality education that builds character, equips for leadership and prepares students for life, careers and higher education.

Nondiscrimination statement: The Charles County public school system does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or disability in its programs, activities or employment practices. For inquiries, please contact Kathy Kiessling, Title IX/ADA/Section 504 Coordinator (students) or Nikial M. Majors, Title IX/ADA/Section 504 Coordinator (employees/ adults), at Charles County Public Schools, Jesse L. Starkey Administration Building, P.O. Box 2770, La Plata, MD 20646; 301-932-6610/301-870-3814. For special accommodations, call 301-934-7230 or TDD 1-800-735-2258 two weeks before the event.

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