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Middle School Summer Reading 2024

This summer reading challenge is for incoming 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. The purpose is to continue students’ joy of reading and thinking throughout the entire year. There are three different ways to complete summer reading. Be sure to see the next page for additional information about a beginning of the year assignment.

  1. Complete the Charles County Public Schools “Summer Reading Challenge” through Beanstack. For more information login to your Beanstack account through Clever. Students are eligible to win prizes with this challenge.
  2. Complete the Charles County Public Library summer reading challenge. For more information, go to the CCPL website, visit your local library, or attend the Kickoff Party on June 8 at the Potomac Branch and Ruth B. Swann Park. Students are eligible to win prizes with this challenge.
  3. Read one middle school appropriate book. Read any book you find interesting (graphic novels and audiobooks count!). Pick something you will enjoy reading and makes you think.

Book Suggestions

Are you looking for a good book to read, here are some websites to help you look:

2024-2025 Black-eyed Susan Nominees

Book Lists for Middle School

Coretta Scott King Book Award Winners

100+ Best Books for Tween Boys

Preparing for the Future

Task: One of the first assignments students will complete in September is an assignment called “OnePager.” Once school starts, students will learn exactly what is needed to complete this assignment from their Language Arts teacher. The first step of the assignment is to read a book. The book students read in the summer can be used for students to create their one-pager.

Below are ways to prepare for the upcoming assignment. Get ahead of the class by taking a few notes about your reading. Consider taking notes on the following areas:


What image would you use to capture the theme?

Create a list of 3-4 words or phrases that are important
to the story


If the book was a movie, what actor/actress would play the main characters? If the book is already a movie, redo the casting by picking new actors.

Changing Characters

3 ways the main character changes throughout the book


3 VERY important sentences from the book


2-3 images that show the story’s setting

Song List

2-3 songs that match well with the story

Important scenes

List the three most important events in the book

Your Reaction

4-5 words or phrases describing your reactions to
the book