Adequate Coverage Grant Sign Up System


Follow the steps to sign up for the Charles County Public Schools Adequate Coverage Grant.  Please review and become familiar with the information below.  By signing up for days you are acknowledging and understand the scope of the assignment:   


History:  CCPS was awarded almost 276K in grant money to hire sworn law enforcement officers on an overtime bases to provide physical security and initial response capability at schools throughout the county. Funding must be exhausted by June 30th of 2020.  


Task:  Utilizing the allocated funding CCPS will attempt to hire six police officer each day for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. The officers will perform the assigned duties for five hours each day, while students are in the building. The officers will provide physical security, visibility, and initial response to events at their assigned schools throughout the county.


Purpose:  To increase security, law enforcement visibility, and reduce response time in the event of a critical event at CCPS elementary schools


Intent:  Assigned officers will work five hours each day, maintaining a presence at the school in their cluster.  Officers’ primary missions are to provide physical security and maintain visibility. Officers should stabilize any emergency situation, but understand the SROs assigned to the building are the primary investigators and will handle any investigation or follow up.  

·         Officers will primarily remain outside of the school (unless assigned to Stethem), however, they are welcome to use the bathroom, visit with school personnel and interact with students in common areas.

·         Officers should check in the main office when they arrive at and depart each school.

·         Officers should park in front of the building near and in view of the main doors, as much as possible.

·         Officers who are assigned clusters should respond to any calls for service at their assigned schools.

Clusters:  (Subject to change)

1.       Stethem and Craik

2.       Mudd (0845 to 1515), Middleton (0915 to 1545), Neal (0815 to 1445), and Brown (0920 to 1550)

3.       Wade (0830 to 1500) and Billingsley (0930 to 1600)

4.       Barnhart (0910 to 1540) and Jennifer (0915 to 1545)

5.       TC Martin (0915 to 1545) and Malcolm (0920 to 1550)

6.       Mt Hope (0920 to 1550)



Stethem Assignment:    The hours are 0900-1400hrs, Monday thru Friday.   The assignment will be inside and you will handle any incidents that take place at the Center. There is an office located in the main building for the SRO.  Please visit Craik at least once each shift if time allows.  If there is a call for service at Craik please respond and manage the situation until the SRO arrives.   


Sign up and attendance

Assignment sign up will be done via an internet page. Days that have available slots are bold.  Clusters will be assigned randomly.  Officers will be notified of their assignment via email. Officers are expected to meet their obligations.  If trades or changes in assignments are done, the originally assigned officer is still the responsible party. Officer may utilize the link embedded in the confirmation email to cancel the job with 7 days advanced notice. 


Overtime slip/ invoicing

CCPS Grant Code:  716.08.633.7285.82

Officer request work shifts