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CCPS Mission:
The mission of Charles County Public Schools is to provide an opportunity for all school-aged children to receive an academically challenging, quality education that builds character, equips for leadership and prepares for life, in an environment that is safe and conducive to learning.

What is Title I?
Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act is the largest federally funded education program that provides extra support to students who are academically at-risk in public and private schools. Through Title I, the government allocates funds to school districts around the country based on the number of low-income families in each district. Title I funds are designed to help close the achievement gap between disadvantaged students and their peers. The purpose of Title I is to help ensure that all children have the opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach proficiency on challenging state academic standards and assessments.

What are the benefits of Title I?
A Title I program will provide your child with educational support beyond the regular classroom. Some benefits may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Increased Family Engagement
  • Increased Technology\
  • Smaller Classes or Specialized Instructional Support
  • Additional Teachers and Instructional Assistants
  • Additional Professional Development for School Staff

What is a Home-School Compact?

A Home-School Compact is an agreement that the school, students and parents/caregivers jointly develop. It outlines how we will work together to make sure all students are exposed to a high quality curriculum and instruction as well as receive the individual support they need to reach and exceed grade-level standards.

Plans for Family Engagement
We believe that families play an important role in their child’s education as well as prepare them for academic success and life-long learning. Schools, families, students, and the community must be actively engaged in developing strong programs that support all students.

Our school will host events to keep you informed about your child’s progress and workshops to help you support your child’s education at home. These include:

  • Open House: September 19, 2019, 5:30-7:00 pm
  • Volunteer Orientation: September 2019
  • Croissants & Conversation: October 2019
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences: October 14, 2019
  • Donuts with Grownups: November 2019
  • Mid-Year Parent Survey: January 2020
  • STEM Night: March 2020 |
  • Muffins in the Morning: April 2020 
  • Summer Backpack Program: May 2020 

Programs and dates are subject to change. Look for flyers and information on the school website. Childcare and interpreting services will be offered.

Ways to Volunteer
Opportunities range from:

  • Assisting in the Classroom and Preparing Materials
  • Reading and Practicing Math Facts with Students
  • Chaperoning Field Trips
  • Joining the PTO or School Improvement Team
  • Volunteering at the Book Fair
  • Participating in Career Day and Read Across America 
  • Joining the Title I DADvisory Council or CCPS Parent Advisory Council

As a School, we will:

  • Create a welcoming, positive and safe learning environment.
  • Demonstrate professional behavior and be positive role models.
  • Listen, show respect and encourage parents and students.
  • Provide a high quality, well-planned curriculum and instruction that enables students to meet the State’s high academic standards.
  • Set high expectations for our students.
  • Enforce school, classroom and bus rules fairly.
  • Maintain open and on-going communication with parents/ caregivers and students in a language they can understand.
  • Provide parents/caregivers with school and teacher contact information.
  • Provide opportunities conferences during which my child’s progress and the Compact will be discussed as it relates to student achievement.
  • Provide frequent progress reports to parents/caregivers.
  • Provide families with a variety of opportunities to be involved in their child’s education, such as Title I workshops, volunteer programs, school improvement team, PTO events and family nights.
  • Provide opportunities for students to be participate in clubs and organizations such as Safety Patrol.

As a parent/caregiver, I will:

  • Make sure my child gets plenty of sleep, comes to school regularly and on time and is ready to learn.
  • Make sure my child understands and follows school rules.
  • Teach my child to be respectful to school staff, other students and bus drivers.
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude about school and learning.
  • Encourage my child to do his/her best.
  • Make sure my child completes assignments and homework.
  • Provide a quiet area my child to do their homework.
  • Review and sign my child’s agenda book daily and return school papers in a timely manner.
  • Communicate with my child’s teacher regularly.
  • Volunteer when possible.
  • Be respectful to school staff.
  • _____________________________________
  • _____________________________________

As a student, I will:

  • Get ready for school on time, be prepared and ready to learn.
  • Be respectful of my classmates, teachers and school staff.
  • Follow school and classroom rules.
  • Be an I CARE student—caring, attentive, respectful and eager to learn.
  • Pay attention in class and not be disruptive.
  • Complete all of my assignments and homework.
  • Ask for help when I need it.
  • Always do my best.
  • ________________________________
  • ________________________________

Community Partnerships
C. Paul Barnhart Elementary has partnered with the following local businesses and organizations to provide additional resources to further support our school, students and families.

  • American Legion Post 238: School supply donations.
  • Arnold House: Weekend food donations.
  • Beyond the Classroom: School supply donations and organizes community outings.
  • Chick-fil-A: Resources to promote family engagement and student achievement.
  • COSTCO: Backpack donations.
  • Elk’s Lodge: Back to School supply donations.
  • Exit Realty (Lisa Pender): Coat donations and Family Movie Night.
  • Holly Station: School supply donations.
  • Journey of Faith: Thanksgiving Baskets.
  • Lancaster Homeowner’s Association.
  • Phi Beta Sigma: Bikes for Students.
  • Charles County Sheriff’s Department: Volunteers/ mentors, camp opportunities and incentives for students.
  • South Potomac Church: Back to School supply donations.

We are equal partners in your child’s education.
Please give us your feedback on the Home-School Compact, family engagement events and budget, volunteer opportunities, and school improvement by talking to your child’s teacher or school administration, completing surveys, and attending the Annual Title I Meeting in the spring. If you would like a copy of School Involvement Plan or have any questions/comments about any of the above-mentioned documents, please contact your Parent Liaison, Ronnita Cannon, at 301-753-1781 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This Compact was jointly developed with parents and families using input from the Annual Title I Meeting and Family Engagement Survey on May 22, 2019.