School Wide Color system

School Wide Color System

Each day, student behavior is described as being green, green-1, yellow or red. All students begin the day on green and will remain on green as long as they are following all of the school rules.  Students who are given a verbal warning will have to change their color to green-1.  A student who goes home on yellow has been given more than one reminder about an I-Work rule, or has been disruptive during class.  A student who goes home on red has broken another rule after being placed on yellow, or has done something that caused physical or verbal harm to another student.




Student has followed all of the I-Work and classroom rules.


Student has been given one verbal warning.


Student has been given 2 or more warnings for breaking an I-Work rule or has been a consistent classroom disruption.


Student has continued to break rules or has been physically or verbally harmful

Barnhart’s I-Work Program

-Each adult in the building gives out Bluejay Bucks to students for demonstrating positive behavior
-When students receive the BlueJay Bucks, they can use them in our Barnhart school store Tuesdays (grades 1 & 3), Wednesdays (grades 2 & 4), and Thursdays (3's, Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 5th Grade)  
-Instead of focusing on the students who may not be demonstrating I-Work behavior we want to encourage other students to maintain their I-Work behavior