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During the school year, each student will create different writing pieces.
Students will learn how to write narrative, informative, and opinion pieces.  One of the informative pieces will include researching a chosen topic

While writing this school year, students will work through the Writing Process on one big piece for each quarter. The writing process includes the following stages: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing.

Prewriting involves brainstorming and organizing ideas. Students will think about what they want to say.  Then, create a plan to organize their ideas.  Each type of writing is organized in a different way.  Writing a rough draft by using the ideas in the organizational plan occurs during the drafting stage.  Students should think about writing their ideas in a clear sequence at this time. Revising means making changes to improve writing.  Students may rearrange words and sentences to clarify meaning or add descriptive words and details.  Proofreading and correcting mistakes is part of the editing stage.  Students are taught to look for proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  Finally, students will publish their piece.  The final presentation can take many different forms. 

The Writing Process allows students to create a well-thought out piece while getting feedback from teachers and classmates. As students continually work through the process, they should gain insights that will make them better writers.

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