Music 4th Grade
Important recorder information!!!!
I am available for extra help every A,C,E, and F day during recess! This is time when students can come meet with me to get small group instruction and/or to make up any tests.
Recorder test on Hot Cross Buns and Fais Do Do: These tests have been given. Check Edline to see how your child did! If he/she scored below 7 out of 10, the test may be taken again and the two scores will be averaged together. All make-up tests must be done within 2 weeks of the original test! It is the student's responsibility to come to retake the test.
Reminder: Please send back the parent portion on the Recorder Newsletter. If you did not receive the hard copy, please print one from the link below. Please be sure to read all of the provided information so that you and your child understand the expectations.
Practice Requirements: 3-4 times per week for 5-10 minutes totaling at least 30 minutes for the week. Every 4th grade child will need to turn in a signed practice log on Friday morning.  

What should my child be practicing?  Notes C and D and Jingle Bells


Why does my child's recorder squeak so much? To find the answer, click here 
I don't remember where my fingers go for a note! Help! Click here to find an Interactive Fingering Chart
Recorder Karate Packet: If you child has misplaced his/her Recorder Karate Packet, please print a new packet at home.
Recorder Karate Packet Click Here

Practice Logs: Please print any additional logs that you may need. Logs are always available in the music room. They are due to your child's homeroom teacher EVERY Friday.
4th grade Recorder Newsletter: Students recently brought home a newsletter about the expectations of the Recorder Karate Curriculum. If you did not receive it, please view it here!  
If you child needs a new recorder, please send $3.50 to school. There are extras and they will be given out on a first come, first serve basis.