Brisco 6th Grade
Mr. Briscoe

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ashley thorne 7th Grade
Ms. Thorne

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8th Grade
Department Chair
Ms. Marshall

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Ms. Smith, Counselor Secretary
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The counseling department at Theodore G. Davis Middle School collaborates with administrators, teachers, resource staff and parents in an effort to maximize a student's academic success. We will facilitate the personal and academic growth of all students. Counselors promote the development of interpersonal skills among all students. We assist students with educational and career decision-making skills as they formulate plans for their future.  The counseling staff provides individual counseling, small group counseling and classroom lessons to address areas such as academic achievement, bullying, career awareness, goal-setting, grief/loss, peer relationships, resolving conflicts, respect, responsibility and self-esteem.

Registrations are done online.  Ms. Smith will contact you to set up an appointment.
Please click on the link below to find all required documents needed for registration.
CCPS Online Registration

You are strongly urged to contact Ms. Smith 48 hours in advance to notify her that your student will be withdrawing.  This advance notice will minimize your wait time and give us the opportunity to assemble all of the information that you will need for registering your child in his/her new school.  Failure to give advance notice may result in a 2 hour delay in order for the withdrawal process to be complete. Only a biological parent or legal guardian may withdraw a student.

1.      You must have a photo ID.
2.      You must complete and sign the withdrawal form.
3.      Student must be cleared by the media specialist (turn in all library books, pay fines, etc.).
4.      Student must return all textbooks.
5.      Student must clear out locker.
6.      Student will have each teacher record grades on the withdrawal card.

Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences
Please contact the grade level counselor if you would like to schedule a team conference (a meeting with all of your child’s teachers).  Students are expected to attend conferences.  Team conferences are held on Tuesday – Friday from 8:15am to 8:35am.  Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early to allow time for parking and checking in at the main office.  Teachers must report to their classrooms promptly at 8:35am.  To schedule a conference with one teacher, please contact him/her directly via email or telephone to arrange a conference date/time.

Make-Up Work Requests
Please contact your child's counselor if your child will be out 3 or more consecutive days due to illness.  Counselors must give teachers a minimum of 24 hours to prepare make up work for parents to pick up.  It is the student's responsibility to ask for missed assignments when they are absent for less than 3 days.

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Forms/Recommendations Requests from Outside Agencies
What do I need to do to have teachers/faculty complete forms/recommendations from any outside agencies (for example: physicians, private schools, special programs outside of school)?

  1. Visit/Contact the Counseling Office to complete a release of records form. 
  2. Please include any necessary contact information for the requesting agency (for example: fax number, address, name of recipient). 
  3. All forms are either mailed or faxed directly to the agency from the school.  They are not sent through the parent or student. 

    *NOTE: Please give teachers/faculty a minimum of two weeks to complete and send all forms to the outside agency.