School Organization

The Henson Staff is divided into teams for instructional and organizational purposes.

ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM – The principal, vice principals, and administrative intern oversee the instructional program and all supportive operations.

6TH GRADE TEAM – sixth grade students and teachers of language arts, reading, math, social studies, and science.

7TH GRADE TEAM – seventh grade students and teachers of language arts, reading, math, social studies, and science.

8TH GRADE TEAM – eighth grade students and teachers of language arts, reading, spanish, math, social studies, and science.

RELATED ARTS TEAM – Teachers of art, band, strings, chorus, computer technology, STEM,  Gateway to Technology.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEAM – Teachers of health and physical education.

IEP TEAM – IEP Facilitator, special educators, school psychologist, speech therapist, general education teachers, and school counselors work with students in need of special education services.   

STUDENT SERVICES TEAM – Three counselors provide counseling and supprtive services to Henson students, parents, and staff.  (Crisis counseling, peer mediation, career information, and interpersonal growth).  A part-time data entry clerk inputs student data for enrollment, grades, scheduling, and administrative reports. A full-time School Psychologist works with students who need to be evaluated for a variety of services.  A full-time Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW) is available as a student and parent advocate assisting in a variety of concerns and issues. 

MEDIA/COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY TEAM – The media specialist supervises the media center, computer lab, and library for teachers and students.  A part-time computer analyst, with the assistance of the full-time media specialist and a media aide, looks after the wide area network and local area network and all electronic hardware and software available to the faculty.

SECRETARIAL TEAM – Two secretaries work in the main and one secretary works in the counseling office.

BUILDING SERVICE TEAM – There is a full time crew of three and a half building service workers and one building service manager.

FOOD SERVICE TEAM – The food service manager and four part-time food service workers prepare the daily meals for students.

STUDENT SUPPORT TEAM/504 TEAM - The SST and 504 are school-based committees responsible for the screening, referring, and monitoring of students in need of additional support services.  Staff, parents, or other support personnel concerned about a student may make referrals to these teams.  A concern may be noted by a parent, teacher, other professional, etc.  A referral for assistance is made to the facilitator of SST or 504 and a form is completed.  The SST or 504 will conduct a meeting, review the referral, and finally determine appropriate support service options.  The team will also designate a SST or 504 case manager to work with the student.  The case manager will monitor the student until a final review by the committee.  Team members include school counselors, the vice principal, the pupil personnel worker, school psychologist, SST/504 facilitator/counselor, speech therapist, school nurse, school resource office, referring staff member, and the parent(s) of the student (when needed).

INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP TEAM - This team includes the Principal, Gifted Education Resources Teacher, Instructional Specialist, the Reading Resource Teacher, Testing Coordinator, and the Vice Principals.