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counselorKayleigh Fretwell
School Counselor
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My name is Kayleigh Fretwell and I am the school counselor at Dr. Thomas Higdon Elementary School. My goal is to assist your child in becoming a successful and productive individual. When you need information or assistance, the school counselor can help you get in touch with the appropriate school officials.

If your child is having a problem at school, it is important to work with the school counselor to find solutions, discuss resources available within and outside of the school, and get information on how such programs can benefit your child.  Your school counselor can be a valuable partner in your child’s education and preparation for life beyond school.

School Counseling Program

School counselors make a measurable impact in every student’s life, assisting with academic, career and personal/social development through monthly classroom lessons, individual counseling, and small group counseling.

School counselors are trained in both educating and counseling, allowing them to function as a facilitator between parents, teachers, and the student in matters concerning the student’s goals, abilities, and any areas needing improvement. School counselors provide services not only to students in need, but to all students!

CounselingProgramSchool Counseling Mission
It is the mission of the Dr. Thomas L. Higdon Elementary School Counseling Program to provide an enriching and comprehensive program that focuses on the unique academic, personal/social, and career development of its students. It is our mission to provide support and guidance for each and every student to help them achieve in and out of school. The goal is to prepare students to become responsible and productive members of society.  We firmly believe in collaborating with members of the community, families, and the staff here at our school to provide a successful program for students from all different backgrounds and experiences.


Students are seen by the school counselor when:

  • Parents request and indicate a need for the counselor to meet with their children.
  • Teachers, administrators or other school staff refer the student.
  • Students request counseling by completing a counseling referral form located in all classrooms and placing the form in the school counselor’s mailbox.

Counselors Meet with Students

  • Individually
  • Small Groups
  • Classroom Guidance Lessons

Classroom Guidance Topics
September - Who is the School Counselor?
October - Bully Prevention
November - Safety
December - Empathy
January - College Awareness
February - Career Awareness 
March - Skills for Learning 
April - Hope 
May -  Problem Solving

Small Group Counseling Projects:


  • Organization and Study Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Friendship Skills
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Coping Skills
  • Adjusting to Change
  • New Student Adjustment


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