Welcome to the Dr. Thomas L. Higdon Elementary School where teaching and learning at the rate your child needs is our goal.  Let me introduce myself.  I am Ms. Lednum and I am the Learning Resource Teacher, responsible for the Gifted Education Program and State and County Testing at our school.  This is a title change but not a change in gifted services

The Learning Resource Teacher role was developed to give every elementary and middle school a full time person to coordinate gifted programming and school-wide testing.   My role includes making sure highly able students, both identified for gifted services and those of potential are receiving challenging instructional programs in reading and mathematics.  I work directly with teachers, students, parents and administration to make sure we are meeting the needs of your highly able child.  In addition, I oversee all aspects of testing, including the new PARCC assessments and Charles County Pre/Post Tests.

Gifted services in Maryland refers to programs and services provided for students having outstanding talent, and performing or showing potential at remarkably high levels of achievement compared to their age peers.  In Charles County Public schools, students are identified for gifted services in reading and mathematics in late 2nd grade through 8th grade.  The identification screening takes places starting in the winter and is completed in the Spring.

Students receiving services in mathematics are placed in the accelerated math program in grades 4 and 5, which is a rigorous fast paced academic program utilizing a 1/2 year to a year above grade level curriculum.  Students meet daily during their math block.  In grade 3, students participate in the Project : Mentoring Mathematical Minds.  This program begins in late September when students reach the third unit in their mathematics program.

In reading students are instructed using a gifted services curriculum that is implemented within the classroom and/or occasionally in groups outside of the classroom.  This curriculum uses advanced complex literature and non-fiction text designed to promote analytical and critical thinking skills as well as teach the reading skills necessary to be both a strategic and reflective reader and learner.  It has been revised to exceed the demands of the new PARCC testing, teaching above grade level content standards.

If your child was identified for gifted services by another school or school system, please contact me, Ms. Lednum at the school number or at   Often gifted services records are not transferred with cumulative records and arrive to Dr. Higdon much later from previous schools.  The gifted services committee will review all transfer records to determine the need for screening in Charles County Public Schools and/or services.  We really want to provide the most academically appropriate challenges for your child.  The information you provide is very beneficial.

Please monitor the Gifted Education Edline page for updates about gifted services happening at Dr. Thomas L. Higdon Elementary.
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