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Fifth grade
Fifth-grade students work with a combination of skills learned from their previous years and add programs to their list of experience. Fifth-grade students work with many different computer applications to complete technology-based assignments. Microsoft Office products are exposed to students and tasks are assigned to show the different ways technology can help accomplish a goal.

New applications to fifth-grade students include Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Publisher and Google Earth.

By the end of fifth grade, students should have working knowledge of the Microsoft suite and will have created a technology portfolio to prepare them for life after elementary school.

Fourth grade
Fourth-grade students continue their journey through education by building upon what they have acquired in their previous years. The Microsoft Office Suite has many applications to offer to students to learn different ways of completing a task and reaching a goal.

New to fourth grade is Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint is a tremendous application that allows students to create and present information. Students are learning to research information, organize their research, place the information into a presentation format and present the information to their classmates.

Third grade
Third grade students are introduced to new Microsoft family members including Word and Publisher. Microsoft Word is a program that students will use over and over throughout their education and professional lives. Students are learning the basics of word processing and continuing to learn the best ways to complete a task within the Microsoft suite.

Outside of applications, students are exposed to web-based search engines like World Book Kids, that allow students to explore the internet in a safe and relevant environment. Databases are available to students from a local start page where a student can click on a link and research a topic for assignments.

Second grade
Second-grade students continue to learn computer basics and how to operate a local system. Skills include internet navigation, mouse and keyboard usage, controlling a computer and application experience.

Students are introduced to Microsoft Office 2010 Word this year and learn basics of the software to help complete a task. Word basics include changing the font, size and color; inserting a picture; adding a bulleted or numbered list; and organizing information using layout options.

Students also continue using fun interactive learning-based websites like

First grade
First-grade students work on basic computer skills while exploring websites and utilizing different games and activities.
Popular sites for first-grade students include:

Kindergarten students learn many computer basics including hand-eye coordination, keyboard usage, and the beginning stages of internet navigation.

Students access many fun interactive websites that contribute to learning and experience for computer basics.


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