SGA Advisor - Ms. Larkin, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Grade Level Sponsors- Teachers who specifically assist each grade.

  • 9th - TBA
  • 10th - Ms. Cook
  • 11th - Ms. Partridge
  • 12th - Ms. Clark & Ms. Deavers
  • Grade level meetings will be held at the sponsor’s and officer’s discretion, possibly once a month or more. You are required to attend.

SGA Communication- Find out about SGA events by:

  • Showing up to meeting, listening to morning announcements, talking to class officers/sponsors to ALL student body and class meetings
  • FACEBOOK – Join our group, “La Plata High School SGA”, TWITTER – follow @LPHS_SGA, EMAIL - write your email on the sign in sheet, SHOWCASES – Flyers are in the showcases by the SGA office/Commons Areas

SGA Representative Information Please read all information.

SGA is open to any student who is interested in joining who is eligible to participate in Charles County extra-curricular activities. (See the Handbook for more information regarding eligibility.) Interested students must complete a membership form to become a Student Government Association Representative. Once a student becomes a representative, he or she must participate in the required number of events to maintain their membership.

SGA Representatives will be required to earn a set number of participation points for each quarter. Points are awarded based on the amount of time a student works on an event or donates to a certain cause. Students will earn 1 point per half hour or volunteered time. Students will earn 2 points per donated item. For example, if a student works for two hours they will earn 4 points (1 point for each half hour). Students must sign in and out at each event to be awarded the points for their work. Students are required to sign-in and sign-out at all events they volunteer at. Students will lose 2 points if they do not sign out. A student will also lose two points if they sign up to volunteer at an event but do not show up.

The quota for points by quarter is as follows:

  • 1st Quarter 20 points
  • 2nd Quarter 30 points (cumulative from the beginning of the year)
  • 3rd Quarter 40 points (cumulative from the beginning of the year) 
    **To be eligible to run for an officer position, you must have 45 points by May 1.

It is each representative’s RESPONSIBILITY to attend all meetings, check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the SGA board and/or emails for updates, check the SGA window ledge and SGA showcase on a weekly basis and obtain all of the points needed to remain a member of SGA. If a member fails to be an active member and obtain the points needed each quarter, they will receive a letter dismissing them from SGA.

*Points may be taken away or not awarded if student is reminded to get to work by Mrs. Schoenbauer or ANY adult sponsor more than once. Points may be taken away or not awarded to student if they fail to follow any of the school rules, including: Language, Dress Code, Public Displays of Affection, Cell Phone, Rude/Disrespectful behavior, In unauthorized area during an event, unauthorized use of SGA office, etc.

The Student Government Association serves a variety of purposes including:

  • Organizing activities for the student body such as the Homecoming Dance
  • Promoting school spirit
  • Providing service to the school and community
  • Providing input to the school administration regarding school policies 

SGA General Assembly: The SGA General Assembly consists of the SGA Officers, the SGA Representatives from each grade and the Class Officers from each grade. Most SGA meetings will be held the first and third Friday of the month in the auditorium during PRIDE Time - A. SGA meetings held after school will be on the first Wednesday of the month in the auditorium. Meeting dates will be posted at the SGA window/showcase at the beginning of the year.

Class Meetings: SGA Representatives are also expected to attend class meetings to discuss and plan class events. The dates and times for these meetings will be announced by the Class Sponsors.