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The College & Career Center at La Plata High School is the gateway to the future! One will find a plethora of information on universities, colleges, technical schools, trade and apprenticeship programs, military service, scholarship and financial aid information, employment and job information, and other resources to help you prepare for your future. More information is available from the U.S. Department of Education on "Funding Your Education Beyond High School."

During PRIDE Time, the Career Center is open Monday and Wednesday during A and B shifts and Thursday and Friday B shift only.

Students are invited to visit the College & Career Center in the morning before classes start, during select PRIDE Time shifts, or after school with an appointment! See Mrs. Campbell in the morning before 1st period to make an appointment.
Remember, it's your future, look into it!

You've got to apply to win! It does pay when you apply!


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Mrs. Campbell
College & Career Advisor
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** SENIOR 2019 INFORMATION (Click here)


 I Want to Apply to College But I Don't Know How - click here




2018–2019 SAT Test Dates 

2018-19 SAT Subject Test Dates

2018 - 2019 ACT Test Dates and Registration

ASVAB October 24; March 26 @ LPHS  Sign up with Mrs. Campbell by March 12th.

PSAT October 10 (scores released in December)



Financial Aid Resources (click here)

Croft Scholarships

Scholarships for Seniors and younger students (

Seniors 2018 Scholarship Opportunities (varying deadline dates)

ZipRecruiter logo($3,000 quarterly scholarship opportunities)

Leslie A. Ebert Legacy Of Life Scholarship: Video Entry Form, Essay Entry Form

RN STAT Program Application, RN STAT Program Brochure


Maryland Community College Promise Scholarship


Due March 1, 2019

Lions Club Scholarship 

Colonial Ag Scholarship

Colonial Ag Checklist


Charles County Arts Alliance Scholarship (due March 8, 2019)


 Due March 15, 2019

Washington, D.C. Building and Trades Union Scholarship

STEM Scholarship


National Naval Officers Association Scholarship (Due March 19, 2019)



SoMd Community Enrichment Center Scholarship (due March 22, 2019)


Due March 31, 2019

College of Southern Maryland Scholarships 

Margaret Brent High School Alumni Association Scholarship

CSM-Waldorf Jaycees Scholarship 

Charlotte Hall School Scholarship


Due April 1, 2019

Zaching Against Cancer

2019 Senatorial Scholarship 

2019 Delegate CT Wilson Scholarship

2019 Delegate Edith Patterson Scholarship

Support Education Scholarships 

SoMd Chain Chapter The Links, INC 

McDonough Charity School Scholarship 


Due April 12, 2019

SMECO Scholarship

La Plata Rotary Educational Grant


Due April 15, 2019

Tau Lamda Lamda Scholarship

Phi Delta Kappa Prospective Educator Scholarships

VIP Women in Technology


La Plata High School Athletic Booster Club Scholarship (due April 18, 2019)


Morgan State University Southern Maryland Scholarship (due April 19, 2019)


 Waldorf - Jaycees Scholarship date extended to April 22

Student View Scholarship (due April 22, 2019)


Due May 1, 2019

Port Tobacco Players Memorial Scholarship 

S.A.L. Veterans Memorial Scholarship

Saber STEM Scholarship


Due May 4, 2019



Due June 15, 2019

Career and Tech Scholarship


Due June 17, 2019

Community College Promise Scholarship



October 2-Financial Aid Night Presentation

Frostburg Teaches Night, Nov. 7, 7-9 pm

College of Southern Maryland Dual Enrollment Info Session, Nov. 14 @ 6pm

Go to High School, Go to College College Fair, Nov. 10, 10-1230 pm

Military Medicine Pre-Health Fair Friday, November 30th at the Gaylord National Harbor


Southeastern Conference College Fair comming to Maryland in April 2019 - Click here to find out more!



EMS Explorer Post 60 Opportunity

WOW 2018 Calendar of Events

Military Academy Showcase: May 10th


Summer Internship Program Provides Educational Opportunities for Local Students

Part-time/Intern Jobs in Charles County

Looking for pre-college programs?  Go to a college website and type pre-college into the search bar.

Tips & ideas for planning for the future
It is never too early to start making plans for what you will do after high school. Not sure where to start?? Mrs. Campbell is available to help you in the College and Career Center and every student has access to Career Cruising!

Career Cruising has an Employment section where you can search for open positions in the area. The newspaper, classified ads, and signs in local businesses are good places to start looking too. Mrs. Campbell occasionally gets information about job openings too. You can check with her in the College and Career Center during lunch or before school!

Career Cruising

Each student has a personal username and password for accessing this information.  If you do not remember your user ID and password, see Mrs. Campbell.
What Can I Do with This Major?

POST-SECONDARY OPTIONS (click here for more information)

If you are interested in entering the military after high school, you must take the ASVAB test. You can take it in the 11th grade and again in the 12th. There is no fee for the ASVAB and it is offered at La Plata High School. More information about this test is available from Mrs. Campbell in the Career Center. You must also pass a physical exam. You should talk to recruiters from all branches of the military before making a decision on which one you want to join. Recruiters come to the College and Career Center at least twice a year or you can visit the recruitment office in Waldorf.



Check out ROTC programs at the colleges you are interested in attending. Apply for ROTC Scholarships during Spring of your Junior year.


Apply for Military Academy's during Spring of your Junior year. Also most Military Academy's have a summer camp during the summer after you Junior year that can help boost your application.

Apprenticeship Programs:
The length of these programs varies from two years to five year. You start getting paid once you are accepted and start your apprenticship program. Ask Mrs. Campbell for information booklet for apprenticeships.

Vocational & Technical Trade Schools:
There is a large selection of vocational and technical trade schools in this area. They take anywhere from six months to two years to complete, with either a certificate or an Associate’s degree. There is no room and board at most of these schools. They usually concentrate on just the major classes with very few other courses offered. . You will want to make sure the school is accredited for the program you are considering. You will need to complete an application.

New Pre-Engineering Program at CSM:  For more information about the CSM Engineering Program, visit or call Pre- Engineering Coordinator Jehnell Linkins at 301-934-7747.

If you are planning to attend college after high school, you should be taking the most challenging classes and earning the best grades you can. All four years of high school count when you apply to college.

  • 9th – 11th most important for grades because you will be applying to colleges in the early fall of 12th grade
    • Every class, every credit matters. Even electives.
    • Would you want admissions offices to see those interims? If not, make sure they improve by the end of the year for final grades because the final grades are what get printed on your transcript!

  • Discipline Record --> Counselor Page
    • Every college asks your counselor to check off whether or not you’ve ever been suspended. If yes, we have to explain why.
    • Cell phone violations look silly to college admissions reps --- it looks like you won’t be able to follow simple campus rules.

  • Build a resume starting NOW!
    • Volunteering/community service is more than just your SSL graduation requirment
    • Get involved in an activity and stick with it
    • DO something, anything that will make you more than a name on a page
    • Jobs and colleges want more than just grades!!!

Common Application 
Common Black College Application

College of Southern Maryland

(All students planning to attend a 2 or 4-year college or a trade or technical school should complete the FAFSA!)
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a government form that is used by colleges to award merit based scholarships, need based grants and student and parent loans.  The earliest that is can be completed is October 1st of the student's senior year.  The state of Maryland deadline is March 1st of the student's senior year.  However, several schools even in Maryland require the form to be completed and submitted earlier.  Please check with universities in which you are interested.

La Plata High School holds a Financial Aid Night each year in October. The College of Southern Maryland and other organizations hold FAFSA line-by-line workshops typically in January. All of this is free. The actual form is free and there is a free on-line live chat, free e-mail help and a toll free phone number all at 

SAT/ACT Score Conversion chart:


Important website links

College Searches
Financial Aid/Scholarship