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Vocational & Technical Trade Schools:

There is a large selection of vocational and technical trade schools in this area. They take anywhere from six months to two years to complete, with either a certificate or an Associate’s degree. There is no room and board at most of these schools. They usually concentrate on just the major classes with very few other courses offered. . You will want to make sure the school is accredited for the program you are considering. You will need to complete an application.


DNT Fitness Scholarship - Deadline January 31, 2020 - Scholarship for Vocational and Technical Trade Schools (as well as 2 - 4 year colleges.


Horatio Alger Scholarship - Application Opens March 1, 2020


Charles County Scholarship Fund (CCSF) - Deadline March 1, 2020  - All scholarships are open to students going to 2-year, 4-year or Trade/Technical schools unless otherwise noted.



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New Pre-Engineering Program at CSM:  For more information about the CSM Engineering Program, visit or call Pre- Engineering Coordinator Jehnell Linkins at 301-934-7747.



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