Clubs and Sponsors 2019-2020


4 Blocks- Ms. Ansari, Mrs. Savoy 
Archery- Ms. K. Jones
Art Club – Ms. Golden
Avid – Ms. A. Jones and Ms. Haskins(Coordinator)
Basketball - (boys) - Mr. Smith (Head Coach), Mr. Evans (Asst. Head Coach), Mr. Bell
Basketball – (girls) Mr. Mouton (Head Coach)

Destination Imagination – Ms. Bell and Ms. Pherson
EACC – Ms. D. Baker, Mr. J. Scrivens, Ms. Harrison
Environment Club- Ms. Scrivens
FEA – Ms. Weaver and Ms. Jones

Golf- Mr. Mouton

Hispanic Dance Club- Ms. Quiles-Cruz, Mrs. Scrivens, Ms. Williams-Borges
Math Counts – Ms. Boardley, Mr. Slade, Ms. Harrison

MBA- Mr. Smith, Mr. Evans
MESA – Mr. Peavy, Ms. Voltz (Chair)
Newspaper – Ms. Gump
NJHS – Mrs. Scrivens and Ms. Stackhouse
News Team – Ms. Richards
PBIS – Ms. S. Baker, Ms. Buck, Ms. Churchwell, Ms. Coscia, Ms. James, Ms. Keefe, Ms. Mattia, Ms. Seay, Mr. Sumlar, Ms. Weaver, Ms. Weinmann,
PTSO Liaison – Ms. Greene-Herbert

Public Relations Liaison- Mr. Evans

Relay for Life – Ms. S. Baker

Running Club- Ms. Stackhouse
SADD – Mrs. K. Jones, Ms. Mattia
School Safety –  Mrs. K. Jones, Ms. Phelps, Mr. Sanders
SGA – Ms. A. Jones (Chair) and Ms. Weaver
SSL – Ms. Richards
Step Team – Mr. Thornton (Chair), Ms. M. Baker
Track (girls) – Ms. Stackhouse (Head Coach), Mr. Evans, Ms. Coleman
Track (boys) – Mr. Evans (Head Coach), Ms. Stackhouse, Ms. Coleman
Unified Sports- Ms. Buckley, Mr. Lewis
Volleyball (boys) – Mr. Evans Head Coach, Ms. Coleman

Volleyball (Girls)-  Ms. Voltz, Ms. Harrison 
Yearbook – Ms. Buck (Chair)