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My name is Zarina Ameen and I am the School Counselor at Arthur Middleton Elementary. My role is to provide academic, behavioral and emotional support to all students.  A few of the ways that I am able to reach the boys and girls of Arthur Middleton are through individual counseling, group counseling and classroom lessons.  Some of the topics addressed in individual and group counseling are: self-esteem, making good choices, families in change, grief, making friends, anger management and social skills. Classroom lessons are held in all classrooms, Pre-K through 5th and cover a variety of age appropriate content, such as: character education, friendship skills, empathy, bullying, college and career awareness, anger management, solving problems and personal responsibility. 

Meeting new students is one of the most favorite parts of my job!  When new students come to Arthur Middleton throughout the year, they are given a tour by student ambassadors and get to meet some of the wonderful staff members at our school.  I also do lunch bunches with new students to help them feel welcome at Arthur Middleton.

Providing support to parents and teachers is another one of my roles.  I can help parents locate outside agencies in areas of need.  Additionally, I serve as a resource to classroom teachers who need additional supports for students struggling behaviorally, emotionally, or academically.  I also am a member of the Student Support Team, where staff meets monthly to discuss and implement strategies to make students more successful. I am always happy to hear from parents!  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at any time by phone (301) 753-1749 or email.