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middletonOnce called the "outstanding genius of his time" by representatives from the Mercedes-Benz company, Arthur Middleton invented a number of different engines and machines that helped propel the United States into the 20th century. Arthur Middleton was born Sept. 20, 1862, in Charles County, Md. After attending school, he moved to Baltimore where he worked as an apprentice for Detrich & Harvey Machine Company and met Charles White, his future business partner.

With the idea of building a better gas engine, Middleton and White opened their own firm in Baltimore. They were granted patents for a number of their inventions, including a gas engine and an explosive engine, which is essentially a fuel injection pump that is now used on most modern automobile engines.

In 1898 the Argonaut became the first submarine to navigate the sea for more than 2,000 miles as it sailed from Norfolk to New York. The Argonaut was powered by a White & Middleton engine. The White & Middleton Company was so successful that the business expanded and opened a distribution company in Chicago. White & Middleton was later sold to Richard Thomas.

In 1914, Middleton moved back to Charles County, where he bought an acre of land near Piney Church to be used as a school site. A one-room schoolhouse was built on the site, and in 1974 Arthur Middleton Elementary School was dedicated in his honor. Arthur Middleton died on April 22, 1933.

Source: Bores & Strokes: Arthur R. Middleton - A Legacy of Engineering Genius (Vol. 11, No. 1, 2000). Photograph reprinted through the courtesy of Coolspring Power Museum.

Vision Statement

Arthur Middleton School is the place where:
  • eager children are engaged in purposeful creative learning
  • there is a family atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation for one another and for visitors
  • the principal has an open door policy
  • there is pride inside and outside
  • a wide range of valuable resources are available to students, staff, and parents

We believe that:
  • given the opportunity, children will develop to their fullest potential in order to become productive citizens
  • education is the responsibility of the parent/guardian, student, school and community and that all are accountable for results
  • in our school, home, and community no one of us is as good as all of us
  • students will assume personal responsibility for their own behavior and learning
  • the school environment should be safe, clean, accepting, and fun
  • students will develop to their maximum potential thus becoming viable and productive global citizens.