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Drink Pouch Bridage 2011 – 2013
Dr. Samuel A. Mudd Elementary School Drink Pouch Story

It all started with a second grade student, Kira White, who collected the pouches for her church. In 2011, she left Dr. Mudd Elementary, and Mrs. Young continued collecting drink pouches for the school. The testing period came from the 3rd grade curriculum under the class room teacher, Mr. Foster. The class had to decide what item they would collect as part of their investigations in math. The item chosen was Capri Sun Drink Pouch. That was the birth of recycling drink pouches at Dr. Mudd. Over, the next three years, Dr. Mudd’s Go Green team has collected about 150,000 drink pouches.

In the first year, Dr. Mudd collected over 15,000 pouches. Ms. Young, Coordinator, challenged the students at Dr. Mudd to see who would collect the most drink pouches. The contest was on! Teachers and students of all grade levels participated in this contest. Contests were run for the first three months. The competition was so great the Special Area teachers also joined in. By the end of the school year, the class with the most pouches collected won a Pizza Party!

In the school year 2012 – 2013, the contest was on again, every month the teachers and students had an incentive to win a prize. By January 2013, the majority of the teachers and students were collecting drink pouches. The teachers were so competitive that the totals grew rapidly. By the end of the year, our school and community had collected 20,000 and a kindergarten class, Ms. Simpson, won the Pizza Party!

The next school year 2013 – 2014, Ms. Young decided to group the grade levels into teams. She then advertised Go-Green positions for Go Green Officers. Students who were interested had to fill out a job application, be selected for an interview and trained to be an officer. This was the birth of our Go Green Team. We also expanded our collections to lunchables and electronic items.

Words from one of our formal Go Green Officer, Jazln Rush

I love Go Green because it's the best place to learn how to recycle. In Go Green, we work on different activities. The Go Green Officers worked very hard to complete goals that were planned during out meetings. We discussed ways to recycle and to save energy. We also planted perennial and annual flowers in the Butterfly Garden that Mr. Urrego and his family designed. This was done by one of the Go Green Officer's family, Erika Urrego. We went around the school to give teachers labels (reminding them to turn out the lights) when the classroom was not occupied. We tried hard to collect as many drink pouches by holding events that displayed drink pouches during our lunch periods. We also had our Parent Teacher Organization join in as well. I can say Go Green is cool!