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President - Adrienne Hunter
Vice President - Kemberly Blake
Secretary - Kamil Barley
Treasurer - Molly Fisette
Parent Volunteer Coordinators - Kemberly Blake and Shanita Smalls
Box Top Coordinator - Beverly Gaskins

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Who we are

The Mary B. Neal PTO members are the parents, teachers and staff members who are
associated with Mary B. Neal Elementary School. The PTO board represents the membership and is comprised of PTO members who are elected annually by the Mary B. Neal families.

Our Mission
The Mary B. Neal PTO is an organization whose purpose is to strengthen, enhance and
encourage the educational and social environment of Mary B. Neal Elementary. Its goals are to support, complement or enhance school curriculum and/or programs that will benefit the students, teachers, facility and the surrounding Mary B. Neal Elementary community.

What We Do
The PTO operates on an annual budget, which encompasses the collection of membership dues, the revenue raised through annual fundraisers and donations. The PTO meetings are held periodically throughout the school year. PTO members will be notified prior to these meetings and are encouraged to attend. Meeting dates, times and locations will be posted on the MBN web-site. The PTO Officers meets periodically throughout the school year to manage the organizational and financial aspects of all the PTO functions. We also plan and/or organize activities that support our mission. 

Additionally, at least one PTO Officer will attend the quarterly Parent Working Together
Executive Meetings to update PTO members and non members on current operations, answer questions regarding PTO functions and collect membership forms and dues if necessary. *Note: The Parent Executive meeting is a meeting that is scheduled and facilitated by our school’s Principal to update parents on MBN business. The PTO strives to promote the Principal’s vision of excellent academics, visionary thinking and positive character development among MBN students. We believe that an active PTO membership instills school pride (Go Blue Crabs!), encourages parental involvement,
supports the teachers and faculty and improves our community. If you have any questions or would like more information about the MBN PTO, please do not hesitate to contact any one of its Officers. Thank you!


The Neal PTO meets when the Parents Working Together meets. This is a group of parents (anyone is welcome) that will meet each marking period with the administration to contribute suggestions, share with other parents, etc. and to help make decisions that affect what is best for all students at Mary B. Neal.  All of the meetings will be held at 7pm in the Neal Media Center.  The dates for the meetings are found on the website under Parents/Parents Working Together menu option. An agenda comes home in the Tuesday Folder and is also available on the Parent Working Together page.
Parents are encouraged to attend PTO meetings. It is by working together that we can accomplish the most for the students of Neal. Parents are encouraged to let the PTO
officers know what type of programs they would like to have at the meetings.  Please show your appreciation and your support by volunteering to assist when help is requested. The PTO is open to everyone involved with Neal.