CTE Programs

Thank you for your interest in CTE programs at North Point High School for Science, Technology and Industry. North Point offers 16 programs beginning in either 9th or 10th grade. Students interested in one of the 16 programs must apply in 8th grade. Approximately 280 students from each entering class are composed of students from all over the county who have applied and been accepted into one of the programs. The other portion of each grade contains students who live in the North Point zone and who follow a traditional high school course of study. 


The CTE Application is now closed. The CTE Application will open in the Fall of 2022 for 8th Graders. 


Fall 2020-CTE Open House

The Application for current 8th grade students is now closed. 

For specific information about courses required for CTE programs, please see the Guide to Career Majors;


Guide to Career Majors



What do I need to know before I complete the application? 


1. View the CTE Open House to gain a full understanding of the CTE application process.

2. Refer to the Guide to Career Majors for specific program descriptions and course requirements.

3. The application must be completed at one time, it cannot be saved and finished at a later time.  

4. The last application submitted will be the official application.

5. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the parent/guardian's e-mail address. If you do not receive an e-mail, please check the SPAM and JUNK folders. 

The application is closed.

Students eligible to apply must meet the following qualifications:

  • Both the student and parent/guardian must be current residents of Charles County.
  • The student must be currently enrolled (SY 2020-21) as an 8th grader in a Charles County Public Schools middle school, private school, or is homeschooled.

Application Process

    • Student completes the online application with all required information.
    • Student and Parent/Guardian electronically sign the application.
    • Student completes the Interest Survey in January or February.  Applicants will be contacted.
    • CCPS Student applicants will have grades retrieved from Synergy for 6th, 7th and 1st Semester of 8th grades. 
    • A request for Non-CCPS Student applicants will be sent to private schools or home school teachers to obtain copies of 6th, 7th and 1st Semester of 8th grade report cards. If schools are unable to meet the request, students are expected to supply copies of the necessary report cards.


Admission decisions are made based on the following criteria

      • 40%  Student interest expressed on Interest Survey
      • 28%  Academic performance in sixth and seventh grade, first semester of eighth grade and as it relates to the program of choice
      • 25%  Application questions
      •   7%  Middle School Attendance - 6th grade, 7th grade, and 1st Semester of 8th grade **Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, all student applicants will be credited the full 7% for attendance. 

Selection Process
Once the application process is closed, a committee will meet to determine a qualifying score for each program.  All students who meet the qualifying score will be considered a candidate for their first CTE program choice. If they are randomly selected for their 1st choice, they will not be placed in the lottery for their second choice. If they are not randomly selected for their second choice, they will be waitlisted in random order for both programs. Waitlisted students will be randomly ranked and offered a seat if it becomes available.

Acceptance Requirements
In April 2021, letters of acceptance will be mailed. The letter of acceptance will contain an acceptance/decline agreement. Within two weeks of receipt, the acceptance/decline agreement must be signed and returned with two proofs of legal Charles County residency.  If the acceptance agreement is not received within two weeks, North Point High School will consider the acceptance as declined by the parent and the student. Click here for acceptable proofs of residency/domicile.

Answers to Questions Applicants Frequently Ask About Admissions