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  1. Who may attend one of the 16 CTE programs at North Point? 
    Students interested in one of North Point’s 16 CTE programs apply in 8th grade.  Applicants and their parents must be residents of Charles County in order to apply. The applicant completes an online application.  A Written Interest Survey will be administered to the applicant in January.  Applicants will answer questions about their interest in their 1st choice program (and 2nd choice if applicable).

  2. I am in tenth grade and want to attend one of the CTE programs at North Point.  May I apply?
    The application is done in 8th grade.  All slots are filled from the applicants who apply in 8th grade and begin their high school careers and program course work at North Point in 9th grade. 

  3. I am in a program similar to one of the CTE programs in another school system and will be moving to Charles County.  May I be included in North Point’s program?
    We have no reciprocity agreements with other school systems, or they with us.  All of our programs are unique to Charles County. Because we have so many applicants each year, out of fairness to current residents, we cannot hold open spots in case someone moves to Charles County and wishes to apply. 

  4. Are all students at North Point in a CTE program?  
    No. A student who is zoned for North Point will take a traditional high school curriculum. The other portion of the student body are students from all over Charles County, including those living in the zone, who applied to and where accepted into one of the 16 CTE programs.

  5. What if I can’t decide on a program? 
    Students should think seriously about their interests and where they see themselves in 10 years.  They should do research on the various careers they think they might want to pursue in the future.  Then they should see if any of the 17 programs offered at North Point fit their interests and possible future careers.  Many eighth grade students have no idea where they are headed; therefore, attending a program at North Point would not be useful to them.  On the other hand, many students have strong interests and feel they will pursue a career in one of the science, technology and industry courses offered here. Students with strong interests should apply.

  6. How many students are admitted each year to the CTE programs?
    We admit approximately 280 incoming freshman students from across Charles County each year.  Each of the 17 CTE programs has a size limit for safety and other reasons.
  7. What is the process for application and admission?
    The Application is online at the North Point website. The online application window opens November 23, 2020 @8:00 am and remains open until December 22, 2020 @ 3 p.m. The online application requires the following information:
    • Current address and contact information for BOTH the student and parent/guardian
    • Name of student’s current middle school
    • 1st choice program (2nd choice is optional)
    • STUDENT response to 5 preliminary interest questions (student responses only please)
    • Electronic signatures confirming Charles County legal residency

  8. What is the Guide to Career Majors? 
    North Point’s Guide to Career Majors is a very important reference manual about all the programs offered at North Point.  It outlines what four years in each program looks like, which programs offer college credit, what courses are weighted, and much more. The information in it was compiled from many different sources – college professors, successful employees in the various program fields, the instructors.  Applicants should read it and refer to it as they fill out the application. 

  9. How do I submit an application?
    All applications are submitted electronically. See North Point’s website.
  10. Who can help me with the application?
    Applicants should complete the application themselves, with parental supervision.  Parents, please involve your students in this process.

  11. May I apply for more than one program? 
    Applicants may list up to two programs in which they are interested.  However, if selected, they will be selected for only one program.  Students will be able to fit only one program into their high school schedules.  The Guide to Career Majors shows how only one program can fit into a student’s high school schedule. 

  12. What is considered when deciding on who is offered a spot?  
    Interest in the program(s) for which a student applies is the most important factor.  Interest is measured by the student’s responses to the application questions AND the Interest Survey given at their middle schools in January (at NP if a Non-CCPS student).  A student’s grades in subjects related to the program applied to help the Admissions Committee decide if a student will be successful in that program. For example, for the Criminal Justice program, we consider social studies, language arts and physical education grades from middle school, as those are the subjects related to the field of criminal justice.

  13. When and where are applications available?
    The CTE application can be found on North Point’s website under the CTE tab.
    The electronic window for application submission:
    Novermber 23, 2020 @8:00 a.m. - December 22, 2020  by 3:00 p.m.

  14. What does it mean to be placed on the wait list?
    The number of students we may take into our programs is limited to approximately 280.  Any applicant not initially accepted but who meets the program’s standards is placed on a wait list for the program(s) for which they applied.  If a student initially accepted to a problem declines their offer, then the Admissions Officer uses the wait list to fill that student’s spot. 

  15. How does an applicant get off the wait list?
    Students can only be taken off the wait list if a vacancy is created by a student leaving.  We only accept approximately 280 incoming freshmen.

  16. What if I am accepted into one program but want to change to another? 
    Students are accepted into certain programs based on their strong interest in the program’s focus area.  The only way a student can change to another program is if a vacancy occurs because a student leaves and that program has an opening. If a student wishes to not continue in the program for which she/he is attending North Point, she/he would need to return to their zoned high school at the end of the school year.  Students may not leave to return to their zoned schools in the middle of a school year, as this would cause a loss in credits for the student.  At North Point, students take 8 courses/credits a year.  Typically, the other Charles County High School students take 7 courses/credits.
  17. If I am accepted, can my younger brothers and sisters automatically attend North Point?  
    Siblings of non-zoned students may not attend North Point unless they apply for and are accepted into a CTE program.  Parents therefore may have a high school student at North Point and one at another high school.

  18. Why do some courses have a math prerequisite?
    Our instructors have found that students with certain math backgrounds are successful in their CTE classes, while others without the math and thinking skills tend to struggle.  Only Biotechnology and Engineering require students to be in Algebra 1 in their 8th grade year.  All other programs require 8th grade Common Core math.  However, students in the Academy of Health Professions, CyberSecurity, Drafting and Cisco Networking Academy should have a strong level of mathematical understanding.