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Mrs. Murphy, Library Media Specialist
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Your child will visit the library one day a week this school year, a specifically assigned day each week.  Please review the following information so that our students will have an awesome experience this school year! 

The School Library Association believes that the purpose of a school library is:

  • to provide a flexible space with a wide and inclusive range of resources to support learning and teaching throughout the school.
  • to have a vibrant role in the development of a culture that promotes wider reading, motivated readers and learners for life.
  • to provide a place for collaborative learning, creativity, and for developing independent research and information literacy skills.


Ø  Students in kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades are permitted to check out 1 book. 

Ø  Students in 3rd through 5th grade are permitted to check out up to 2 books. 

Ø  Students keep their books for 1 week and then return them on their class visit day.  Students who have a book in his/her possession that they would like to have renewed may do so as long as they do not have other overdue books left at home or in the classroom.

Ø  Students are responsible for taking care of their library books while they are checked out in their name.

Ø  Books should be kept in a safe place, treated with respect, and not lent out to others.

Ø  The Book Return Policy:  Students will not be permitted to check out any additional books if they have a book overdue or a fine due to being lost or damage. 

Library Expectations:  Parks 3 R’s:  Responsible, Respectful, and Ready to Learn
Responsible:  Be responsible for your actions, your voice, and your own learning.  Be safe:  Walk!  Don’t run in the library.
Respectful:  Show respect to yourself, adults, your peers, and library materials. 
Ready to Learn:
  Return your books on time.  Pay your fines in a timely manner.  Listen to read alouds with your teacher.  Participate in lessons and discussions.  Be a team player during group activities and Maker Spaces.

Taking Care of Library Books
1. Keep your books in a safe place.
2. Please!  No food and drinks while reading.
3. Don't lend your book(s) to a friend or siblings.  Return it to the library and let your friend check it out.
4.  Do not leave books sitting out on your desk or on the floor in the hallways.
5.  Do not take books outside to recess or to the lunch room.
6. Please do not write or color in library books.
7. Clean hands = clean books.
8. Please do not fold pages.  Please use a bookmark instead to hold your place.
9.  Do not remove barcodes or spine labels. 

Missing Books:  What if your child gets an overdue/fine notice?
Overdue Notices:  Notices will be sent home regularly by the Media Center to inform you that your child has not returned library books, has stated he/she has lost the book, or the book was returned damaged and no longer fit for circulation.

At time teachers will help distribute notices and other times they will be sent to the email we have on file here at the school.  When you get one of these notices please help your child look for the missing book(s).  Some places to look: grandparent's house, the car (under the seats), under the bed, behind the television, or on the bookshelves.  All of these are places our students have found their books.

If a book does go missing or is damaged, it must be paid for before the student can check out a new book.  The cost of the book is on the Notice next to the title of the book.  You can send a check or money order made out to JC Parks or cash for the exact amount.  Your child will receive a receipt for the payment.  No refunds will be made if a book is found after payment has been made.

PLEASE NOTE:  If a student allows another student to borrow his/her library book and it becomes lost or damaged, the student who checked the book out is ultimately responsible for the fines assessed.  The student who lost or damaged the book will not be held accountable by the Media Center, although there may be other consequences.  Students are strongly encouraged not to lend their books out.

Office 365/Destiny Access to Resources

As much as possible we would like for students to be using their Office 365.  This is where students can access Word, PowerPoint, DreamBox, and more.  Destiny, our library catalog, is available in Office 365 as well.  Students can see what books they have checked out, fines due, books available for check out, newly added titles, and eBooks.  CCPS purchases eBooks every month that are free through our Destiny and are compatible on all devices.  These books cover a variety of genres and some have an audio function so that it can be read to students.  This feature is also supportive of our ESOL students and families.  


If you access the collections, I have started a collection of useful links.  There is a link to our PebbleGo! subscription that allows access without a username and password.  This newly designed PebbleGo! is more compatible with tablets and offers quite a bit of information and fun learning for our primary grades.  The databases provided through CCPS are accessible through my collection as well. 



I am looking forward to another wonderful year with our Mustang students and families.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling the school.  Disclaimer:  My response time on DoJo messages is limited to null because I have all classes on my DoJo.  It’s best to reach me through my email or by calling.


Common Sense K-8 Parents

With Kind Regards,

Dawn Murphy, Library Media Specialist