Technology at Your Fingertips:

4 computer labs designed to provide computer literacy, Office 365, DreamBox, Typing Club, Nitro Typing, Moby Max and instruction to every student. IPADS available to students to access interventions & instructional materials. 2 Laptop carts for students to access curriculum and instructional materials

SMART zone SCHOOL: The 2017-2018 school year marks the ninth year of Collaborative learning with SMART technology at J.C.Parks Elementary.  Both students and teachers are learning how powerful the use of a SMART board can be in the classroom with a variety of lesson content.

Each classroom is equipped with a visualizer that projects manipulatives and materials from the table to the Smart Board making the content accessible to all students.

Technology Literacy by 8th Grade:The Maryland Technology Literacy Standards for Students is use as a guide to integrate technology into the essential curriculum. Students use a variety of programs including Office 365 with Microsoft Office programs such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Students also have access to Apps within office 365 that provide additional support for lesson content skills. Students work on a variety of technology projects with Mrs. Rogers our computer lab facilitator.