MathCounts is a national organization which holds competitions in algebra, geometry, and problem solving. At the first meeting, students will try out to make Milton Somers Middle School's team. Students will be encouraged to try out and join practices even if they do not make the team. Students will enjoy an atmosphere where teamwork is encouraged and enthusiasm for math is always welcome.



Mondays 2:15 - 3:15 in Trailer 9

Club Sponsors

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Upcoming Events

County Practice Competitions: At the Gwynn Center 4:00 - 4:45pm (dates TBD)

Tri-County Competition: Calvert Middle School in Calvert County on Saturday, February 3rd in the morning and into the early afternoon.

Eligibility for Membership

It is encouraged that the students who try out or wish to participate in MathCounts are in the higher level math classes, such as: · Algebra 1 · Geometry · 7th Grade Advanced Math · 6th Grade Advanced Math Participants can also be invited or recommended by their math teacher.

This club is currently closed to new members.

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