Academic Programs
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The program of study at St. Charles High School will afford students the opportunity to earn up to 8 academic credits per school year. The instructional program encompasses a comprehensive curriculum which meets the requirements for a Maryland High School Diploma. All students graduating from Charles County Public Schools are required to earn a total of 23 credits for graduation. Seventeen (17) of these credits are mandated in the following areas:

English - 4 credits
Mathematics - 3 credits
Social Studies - 3 credits
Science - 3 credits
Physical Education & Health - 1/2 credit each
Technology Education - 1 credit
Fine Arts - 1 credit
Financial Literacy - 1 credit

To earn their remaining 6 credits for graduation, students must choose to complete one of the following three graduation pathways:

World Language (2 credits) + 4 elective credits
Advanced Technology (2 credits) + 4 elective credits
Career Completer Program + Electives (must total 6 credits but options will vary by program)