Science Fair Interest Night

Science Fair Interest Night

Date: Tuesday 29 October 2019                Time: 6:00PM – 7:00 PM

                  Place: Benjamin Stoddert MS Media Center




Our ability to solve present and future problems depends on our ability to question the world in new and creative ways.  What better opportunity for a child to develop these skills than to participate in the school’s science fair!  The thinking skills a child develops while doing a science fair project are the same basic skills, they will use daily throughout their life – to identify and clarify problems that exist, and to find creative solutions to those problems.

Please join us, Tuesday October 29 @6PM for the Science Fair Interest Night where we will share the requirements, the afterschool help days, timeline and everything your child will need to know to submit a Science Fair Project. Parents encourage your child to take part in this year’s science fair. 

             The science fair experience is FUN and REWARDING!