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AP Scores Online
Enrollment Procedure
How to Make An Appointment
Getting Started with College Planning
Helpful Hints for Students and Parents
College Planning
Career and College Searches
Helpful Websites

AP Scores Online
AP® Students Will Get Scores Online This Year

This message is for all our TSHS AP students and parents.

There is an important change in how you’ll get your AP scores. This July, your AP scores will ONLY be available online. You will NOT get scores in the mail. To get
your AP scores, you must sign up for a free College Board account at Again, AP scores will only be available online, so we encourage you to sign up for a free College Board account today.

Please assist your students in finding a secure place to store their AP Student Packs after their last exam. The Student Pack has the AP number they will need to access their scores and other information they may need in the future.

Enrollment Procedure
Please provide two proofs of residency.  Examples include a deed, lease, rental agreement, current utility bill, current pay check, property tax bill, and/or a current court document. All proofs must be in their entirety with parent/guardian name and both the residence/service address as well as the mailing address including city, state, & current date. Must be current within 30-45 days of registration.

Provide a birth certificate or other acceptable proof of birth.

Provide immunization record.

Provide a transcript from previous high school(s) or final report card for incoming 9th grade students

Complete enrollment documents in the office.
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How to Make An Appointment
Students: See the Guidance Secretary, Mrs. Torreyson. If the counselor is unavailable, Mrs. Torreyson will send an email to let the counselor know you are seeking an appointment.  The appropriate grade level counselor will call you out of class as quickly as time allows. If you have an emergency or immediate need to speak with a counselor, let the secretary know and ask to wait.

Parents or guardians: If you wish to speak with or meet with any of the counselors or career center coordinator, email or call (301-392-5508) or (301-753-1756).

Please contact the counselor to arrange parent/teacher conferences. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers personally via phone or email before arranging conferences.
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Getting Started with College Planning

Helpful Hints for Parents and Students


 Hopefully this year is off to a great start with all eyes focused on May 30, 2020, graduation day.  Now is the time to consider all of your post-graduation options.

1. Four Year College

2. Community College

3. Vocational School 

4. Work Force

5. Military


College Planning – Seniors should be:

o Gathering college applications – see Ms. Morton in the career center.

o Completing applications, requesting transcripts, talking to Ms. Ransom about testing requirements.

o Talking with parents about realistic topics like where to go to college, how to pay for college, and having backup plan if the student is not accepted into the college of their choice.

o Applying for scholarships.  

o Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in October.

o Parents may contact Ms. Ransom by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone (301) 392-5508 at the school.  


 Some of the most difficult courses taken in high school occur during junior year.  Helpful hints to ensure success:

1. Attend school every day unless ill.

2. Set up a routine for studying at home. 

3. Be aware of teacher deadlines – late work is not acceptable.

4. Parents may contact Ms. Jarmon by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone (301) 392-5508 at the school.

College Planning – Juniors should:

o Meet with college representatives visiting our career center.

o Research colleges online.

o Review results of the PSAT with Ms. Jarmon when they become available.

o Visit college campuses that you may be interested in attending.


 Students are familiar with the school and confident that Thomas Stone is a great place to be.  Hints for success:

1. Students must take their courses seriously, study the material and be able to pass their Maryland State Assessments.

2. Attendance in school every day helps students get better grades.

3. Support your student by encouraging him/her to be involved in extra-curricular activities.

4. Conference with your student’s teachers if grades are not up to the level of his/her ability.

5. Contact the counselor, Ms. Attick by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone (301)392-5508 if you need help.


 Throughout the year we will discuss career readiness, academic achievement and social /personal development with students in classroom groups and individually.

 For some students, the emphasis needs to be on personal responsibility.  They need to understand that ALL decisions they make will impact their lives.   Students are adjusting to high school, new freedom,  more challenging schoolwork, teachers who expect students to behave and do their best work.  Please monitor your student’s progress closely and contact the teachers or the counselor, Mr. Bohne by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone (301)392-5508 when you see signs of discouragement or not enough attention to homework.  Put in place some consequences for poor grades or frequent disciplinary actions.   Parent, teacher, student conferences can be arranged through the counselor, Mr. Bonhe; they are an opportunity for everyone to get the same information at the same time.  

 Even though your student may complain if you become involved, he/she needs you to set boundaries, impose consequences for poor decision-making and share the excitement about high school and successful accomplishments.  Praise goes a long way. 

All Students 

 Whether students ae planning to attend college, enter the world of work, or joining the military, they need to visit the Career Center. Students need to pay close attention to morning announcements and the monthly newsletters as college, scholarship, and financial aid applications have specific deadlines. If you have any specific questions, please contact Ms. Morton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (301)645-2601. In addition, all information is posted on the school website.

All students need support and positive feedback from parents and other adults in their lives.  Have a conversation with your student every day and give frequent hugs and positive words.  Let us know if there is something in your family or student’s personal life that is spilling over into school.   The counselors will work with you on a confidential basis to support the student.  

*Parents please remember if you move we need to have two new proofs of residency. Please contact Ms. Torreyson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to notify her of the change.

We look forward to working with your students this school year.


  • Stress that education is important to future success, and that you expect your teen's best effort.
  • Have your teen set and track goals for school and beyond.
  • Make sure your teen attends school daily and gets there on time.
  • Ask every day about what happened at school and what your teen is studying.
  • Provide the supplies, space, and time your teen needs to do homework.
  • Help your teen get and stay organized.
  • Encourage your teen to be involved in a school sport, club, or other after-class activity.
  • Boost your teen's confidence. Praise achievements as well as sincere efforts.
  • Meet your teen's teachers and school counselor. Attend parent events and open houses.
  • If your teen is struggling in a class, talk with the teacher or a school counselor.

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College Planning
College Admission
Most Community Colleges, Trade Schools, Technical Schools and other post high school programs DO NOT require ACT or SAT, but have their own tests for placement of students in English or math. Often, when a student transfers to a 4-year college from a 2-year college, the ACT/SAT requirement is waived because acceptance is based upon the student's actual college performance.

For students heading directly to a Four-year college or university directly from High School, it is generally require that students submit either ACT or SAT scores as part of the admissions application.

Both ACT and SAT are administered on Saturdays throughout the year. Please see your school counselor before signing up for a test. If your counselor knows that you are planning to take an ACT of SAT on a given test date, he/she can make sure you get in the preparation group, and look over your registration form (everyone makes mistakes when bubbling).

The ACT and SAT differ significantly which is why we try to have students focus their efforts on one test and prepare to the best of their ability.

The ACT is considered a curriculum-based test, covering English, math (Algebra 1 & II, Geometry and some Trigonometry), Reading (which includes a section on history) and science. Students may take an optional writing test for an additional fee (check with your college to see if they require it). The ACT is multiple choice and there is no penalty for guessing; no answers should be left blank!

The SAT is regarded as an assessment of critical thinking skills, testing the ability to (1) analyze and solve problems in math (Algebra I & II and Geometry) , to (2) analyze critical reading passages demonstrating comprehension and vocabulary by answering multiple choice questions and to (3) write an organized essay which colleges may view on line. The SAT has both multiple-choice and student-produced answers and carries a penalty for guessing.

Students are encouraged to take both the MOCK ACT and SAT (practice tests given during the school day) during their junior and/or senior year, free of charge at Thomas Stone High School. By doing this, students and their counselors can assess their strengths and check with the colleges they are interested in attending to determine which test would be most beneficial.

Costs – ACT $36.50, plus $16 for the optional writing test. SAT $51.00. Highly selective colleges may require students to take SAT II subject tests, which cost $24.50 per subject. The fee for a "Language with Listening" test is $24.00. All other subject tests are $13.

Test preparation is available for both the ACT and SAT at Thomas Stone. There is also a link on the CCBOE web-site (24/7 SAT Prep) which allows our students to access a test preparation program once they have taken the MOCK tests. Their results will be in the computer so that they can practice in the areas where they are weak.

Currently CCPS provides all 10th grade students the opportunity to take the PSAT in October, free of charge. Interested students should sign up with their counselor.
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Career & College Searches
See Ms. Morton in the Career Center for information on both.

Career Searches
The Career Center offers many options for career exploration. There are interest inventories, skill surveys, career information, and online searches. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is administered through the Career Center. This is an aptitude test and does not require that the test taker be considering military service. Students should see the Career Center Coordinator to make an appointment for any of these options.

College Searches
The Career Center is a resource room for exploring college options. Online and text references are available for research and loan. Information on admissions requirements, applications, test prep, essays and interviews, and financial aid is available.
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Helpful Websites
College Searches:

Financial Aid / Scholarships:

Career Search:
(user name – 0025852, password – thomas)

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