Student Dress Code Policy

Student Dress Code

We take pride in the appearance of our students. Your dress reflects the quality of the school, your conduct, and your schoolwork. You should convey an image of personal cleanliness and neatness. The school administration has the authority to approve the appropriateness of student attire.

Students are required by the state law to have footwear on at all times. Flip-flops, shower shoes, or bedroom slippers are not permitted.

Suggestive, provocative or excessively tight clothing is not allowed to be worn to school or to school-sponsored activities.  Thomas Stone High School reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of clothing on a daily basis.  The design or the manner in which clothing is worn may be determining factors.  The school system dress code standards include the following:

  • Backless and open-toe shoes, with solid sole, are permitted as long as they do not pose a safety hazard.

  • Sleeveless shirts and shells are permitted as long as undergarments are not visible and the straps are at least 2 inches in width. (For example: spaghetti straps and men’s A-neck shirts are not permissible.)

  • Shorts, dresses, skirts mid-thigh (defined as arms down straight alongside the body where fingertips touch on the thigh.)

  • Pajama bottoms are never appropriate or permitted in school.

  • Pants must not cover the front of the shoe when walking as they pose a safety hazard.

  • Pants should be worn/secured at or above the hips at the waistline.

  • Sports uniforms are permissible if they meet the dress code.

  • No shirts allowed that would show midriff area when arms fall to side.

  • No students will be allowed to wear head coverings of any type in the building, i.e., hats, bandannas, skullcaps, etc. Students should place hats and other coverings in their locker upon arrival to school. If a student is asking for an exception due to religious reasons or health reasons, they need a letter from parents and a religious official.

  • Sunglasses are also not permitted.

  • No chains, including the ones that attach a wallet to the pocket, or other sharp jewelry are permitted. The administration reserves the right to request students to remove any jewelry that is deemed dangerous.

  • Clothing that displays or symbolizes any language or material that is inappropriate for school or offensive to any group is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, material relating to drugs, alcohol, profanity, obscenity, racism, gang activity and violence.

  • Unreasonable fad clothing or jewelry that is obscene and/or offensive to racial, ethnic, gender or cultural pride; or that advocates and/or advertises drug, cigarette and/or alcohol use is not permitted. Clothing that contains profanity or indecent sexual connotation is not permitted.

  • Ear buds, earphones, headphones, etc. are to be OUT OF SIGHT at all times at school. Visit to view all Code of Student Conduct documents.

  • All splits, cuts, rips and thrashes must begin at mid-thigh or below.

  • Dress code violation will require that students obtain appropriate clothing or they will be sent to ISI for the day.

  • Habitual or flagrant disregard of the dress code will result in disciplinary action by the administration.



               Prepared-          to use proper lunch time etiquette,

               Respectful-          to students in line and at your table,

               Involved-             in positive, constructive conversations,

               Diligent-             to keep all areas clean, and

               Ecofriendly-        by putting all trash and recycling in the proper locations.