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About the Fulldome Show

When the seasons go crazy it’s up to Annie and Max to set things right. But fixing this will take something extraordinary, and a little help.
Come on a whirlwind adventure as the siblings learn just how the seasons and work, and discover that sometimes, all we need is a new angle on the world.

Habitat Earth

About the Fulldome Show

Plunge below the ocean’s surface to explore the dynamic relationships found in deep ocean ecosystems; dig beneath the forest floor to see how Earth’s tallest trees rely on tiny fungi to survive; and soar to new heights to witness the intricate intersection between human and ecological networks. This planetarium show features stunning visualizations of both biological and human-built networks (and of how they intersect), taking show-goers on an incredible, immersive journey through the interconnectedness of life on Earth.

Life of Trees

About the Fulldome Movie

This show is an entertaining and educational fulldome experience that tells the fascinating world of trees. The Life of Trees shows the importance of plants for life on earth, how trees grow, how they transport water against gravity to the top of the crown, and enabled diverse life on earth by producing oxygen. The story is presented by two quirky animated characters: a ladybug called Dolores and a firefly called Mike.

Max Goes to the Moon

About the Fulldome Show

Based on award-winning children’s book of the same name by astronomer & author Dr. Jeff Bennett, “Max” is an animated, educational children’s story. Max (the dog) and a young girl named Tori take the first trip to the Moon since the Apollo era.

Invaders of Mars!

About the Fulldome Show

Explore the Martian surface as seen by Earth’s various spacecraft “invaders” and use the data gathered to explore the red planet. We emerge with a new perspective on the red planet Mars. Narrated by Tom Baker.