International Student Enrollment

Students Entering from non-US schools (International) Registration

Students entering Charles County Public Schools from schools located out of the country must contact Alicia Jones, Supervising School Counselor at 301-934-7314 to schedule an appointment to register. 

Students entering Charles County Public Schools from a US school and speak a language other than English and has previously received ESOL services must contact Pilar Lepe, Bilingual Family and Community Outreach Specialist at 301-934-7404 to schedule an appointment to register.

Ms. Jones and Ms. Lepe are located at Starkey Administration Offices, The Department of Student Services, 5980 Radio Station Road, La Plata, Maryland 

Required documents needed for registration: 

  • Birth certificate for student
  • Parent picture identification
  • Immunization records available
  • Two proofs of domicile (see Board Rule 5122.1 below)
  • Educational records (transcript, report card)


Proof of Domicile

When registering their children in Charles County Public Schools, parents or guardians are required to show two proofs of domicile.  One proof must be submitted from each of the below listed categories:

Category 1:

  • Deed
  • Current verifiable lease or rental agreement (with appropriate signatures and contact information)
  • Current mortgage statement/bill (within 45 days)
  • Settlement papers (within 45 days and with appropriate signatures)
  • Foster care placement letter/McKinney-Vento documentation
  • Assignment of Ownership Agreement (for properties in cooperative homeowner’s associations (e.g., Potomac Heights))
  • Most recent property tax bill for domicile or Maryland Department of Assessment and Taxation Form

Category 2:

  • Most recent utility bill (within 45 days) that includes name and service address (examples are electric, water/sewer, trash, oil, gas, cable, security system, and solar bills)
  • Current verification of service statement for above utilities
  • Current wage statement (within 45 days) with name and address of employee and employer
  • Most recent W2, 1098, or 1099 statement
  • One of the following government issued statements with name and address (within 45 days):
    • Documentation of benefits from Social Security Administration
    • Documentation of benefits from the Department of Social Services
    • Official correspondence on letterhead mailed from local, state, or federal court

The items listed below are not acceptable proofs of domicile:

  • Driver’s License
  • Car registration
  • Voter registration
  • Cellular or telephone bill
  • General mail, advertisements
  • Termination of service statements
  • Deeds, titles, or tax statements to property with no dwelling on it
  • Letters or notes from persons, notarized or not, that claim an address (PPW verification is exception)
  • Bank statements/credit card statements
  • Tax return
  • Medical insurance documentation
  • Mortgage/rental/car insurance

Charles County Public Schools reserves the right to investigate domicile at any time without notification or consent whenever the authenticity of proofs are in question.  Falsification or misrepresentation of residency documents is considered fraud and may result in sanctions, including the charging of back tuition, the immediate withdrawal of the student from the school system with no credits awarded, and the pursuit of criminal and civil charges.

Special Cases

  • If a proof cannot be produced in one of the above categories, a Pupil Personnel Worker signed verification can be substituted.
  • Families who are domiciled with another family and have no proofs of domicile in their name may complete a Verification of Domicile Form accompanied by two acceptable proofs of domicile for the owner/lessee of the property (must be completed at the department of student services).
  • Families who enter into a Prospective Homeowner’s Application* and are temporarily residing at a hotel may submit the hotel receipt, to be accompanied by a pupil personnel worker verification.

Beginning August 1, 2018:

  • Documents will no longer be approved immediately. A minimum of 48 hours review time will be required.
  • Verification of Domicile documents and Prospective Home Buyer Applications will not be accepted without all required supporting documents.  ALL documents must be available at the time of application.
  • Parents/Guardians will need to call Student Services after 48 hours to check on the status of their requests.
  • If approved, the parent/guardian will be responsible for retrieving the documents from Student Services and delivering them to the school.

* Prospective Homeowner Application (see forms below) – Families who are building or purchasing a home and will be moving into this home within the first marking period of the school year may enroll their children in Charles County Public Schools by special permission through the department of student services.  Bring the completed application form(s) and all supporting documents at the time of application.  The family will notify the school when they move into the new home in the county by providing documentation of their domicile. Students may be required to transfer to their zoned school, withdraw from the school system, or pay tuition on a per diem basis if the family does not move by the agreed upon date.

Prospective Homeowner Application for High School students
Prospective Homeowner Application for Elementary and Middle School students

Families living outside the county may request to pay tuition to have their children attend Charles County Public Schools.  The families must receive permission through the department of student services, sign a tuition contract, and provide two proofs of their out-of-county domicile. Tuition rates are based on the family’s out-of-county status, as well as any special support services required by the student.  Tuition contracts may not be approved for schools at or above their enrollment capacity.

Families in Charles County who are caring for children from other counties or states must have proof of court-appointed guardianship/custody prior to enrolling the children in Charles County Public Schools.  Some families are exempt from this rule by state and federal laws such as the McKinney-Vento Act.

Families of students in the fifth and eighth grades will be required to provide two current proofs of domicile prior to entering the sixth and ninth grades.