Middle School

Middle School Promotion and Retention Policy
Except as provided in Superintendent Rule 5131.33, in order for a sixth, seventh, or eighth grader to be promoted, the student must:
  1. Pass Language Arts/Reading; and
  2. Pass Mathematics: and
  3. Meet one of the following:

(a) Pass Science and Social Studies and at least one Related Arts course; or
(b) Pass Science and at least two Related Arts classes; or
(c) Pass Social Studies and at least two Related Arts classes. Students failing a required core subject during the school year may attend summer school to achieve a passing grade.

Middle School Required Courses
The following subjects are Middle School Core Subjects and Related Arts:

Core Subjects Related Arts
Language Arts/Reading Art
Mathematics Band/Strings
Science Computer Skills
Social Studies Family & Consumer Science
Physical Education
Technology Education
World Language

All middle school students must take all four core subjects in each middle school year.

Middle School Student Service Learning Guidelines

Checklist for Academic and Financial Preparation
Helpful Links for Students and Parents