School Counselors

Supervising School Counselor
Jacqueline Cheaves





Secretary to Supervising School Counselor
Tricia Holcomb

School Counselor List for 2021-22
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What We Do

School counselors are available in every Charles County public elementary, middle and high school. Counselors work with students, parents and school staff to ensure that all students become effective learners, achieve success in school and become contributing members of society.

School counseling programs are guided by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and follow standards set by the American School Counseling Association. The school counseling program integrates academic achievement, college and career readiness and personal responsibility.  Please also contact the school counselor at your child’s school regarding concerns with bullying, harassment, and/or intimidation.

Responding to a Crisis – information about talking to your children about violence.

Services vary by grade level:

Elementary School

Elementary school counselors provide classroom lessons on a variety of skills, from decision-making to communication and friendship skills. They also work with small groups of students and individuals on particular topics, as needed. Elementary school counselors can provide a wealth of information to teachers and parents on behavior management and child development issues, and can provide referrals to community-based resources.

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Middle School click for more info

Middle school counselors assist with registering and transitioning new students, as well as advising parents and students on course scheduling. They provide classroom lessons and small group sessions on particular skills like conflict resolution and they meet individually with students in need of additional assistance with personal-social issues. They track students who are failing subjects and offer organization, study skills and goal-setting lessons. In the later years of middle school, there is a focus on college and career exploration to assist students in preparing for high school programming.

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High School click for more info

High school counselors advise all students on course scheduling, assisting them in making appropriate choices to achieve their future goals. They provide information on programming available in career technology areas, as well as the various levels of academic coursework. They assist with the organization of PSAT/SAT/ACT testing, college/military/business recruitment efforts, scholarship and financial aid opportunities and more. And, as at all levels, they offer counseling services to students who are experiencing problems in any of these areas.

College and career advisors are part of the counseling program in each high school career center. The main focus of these staff members is to provide information to students and their parents on post-high school opportunities. They assist students in the application process for college, arrange opportunities for college, military and business representatives to meet students during the school day, organize the annual college fair, and disseminate information through a monthly newsletter and website.

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The Supervising School Counselor is also responsible for International Student Enrollment.