Self Care Resources

All Welcome Here

Take a break, find space to unwind, & recharge. Use any of these resources to put your mind at ease, reduce stress, calm any chaos, and recharge your spirit. Charles County Public Schools cares about you!

 BREATH RELAXATION  ~ use your breathing ~
Breathe Flower Breathe Bubble Breathe Shape
 SOUND RELAXATION ~ listen to soothing sounds ~
Ocean Rain Weightless Whale Classical Music with Nature
VISUAL RELAXATION ~ your eyes will do all the work ~
Kaleidoscope Jellyfish Lava lamp
CUTENESS OVERLOAD CAMS  ~ smile warning ~
Panda Aquarium Sea Otter Brown Bear Dolphin Kitten Rescue
ART RELAXATION  ~ creativity for the soul ~
Weavesilk Virtual Sand Art Color a Mandala Quick Draw Spirograph Sketchpad
MINDFUL MOVEMENT  ~ release the tension ~
Wrist Rotations Hugging Arms Finger Flicking Sunrise Yoga
Yoga for Teens Yoga to Heal Stress Easy Beach Yoga Yoga at Your Desk
EXPLORE NEW PLACES  ~ let your eyes do the walking ~
Google Street View Tour A Famous Place Virtual Road Trip
MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES  ~ you can do it ~
Winston Churchill Jennifer Lim Fred DeVito Teddy Roosevelt
Confucius Abraham Lincoln A. A. Mine  
Mindful Moments
Flame Do nothing for 2 minutes Guided Relation Guided Journey
3-minute body scan Mindful Bell The Quiet Place Project  
Brain Teasers
Unbelievable Fun Quizzes