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Rule 2471 - Records Retention


A record is defined for the purposes of these rules as any documentary material created or received by the school system or any employee in connection with the transaction of school system business. A record includes any form of documentary material, including but not limited to paper documents, electronic documents (including e-mails), microfilm, drawings, maps, pictures, and any other documentary material in any format in which business information is created or maintained.

A record shall not include copies of original documents maintained elsewhere by the school system, whether or not the copy is maintained in the same format. For example, if a document is maintained in a hard copy, it does not need to be retained electronically as well. If an employee creates and distributes a document to another employee or other employees, it will be the primary responsibility of the sender to maintain an original copy under these rules, or otherwise ensure compliance with these rules.

A record shall not include drafts of final documents, unless the draft is required to be retained for future business or for historic purposes. A record shall not include personal notes made by an employee to refresh the employee’s recollection, as long as the notes are not shared with other employees and/or used for the conduct of school system business.

A record shall not include such documentary materials created or received by the school system that are of temporary value, are not required to be continually maintained for the conduct of current or future school system business, and are not required for historical reference. This would include, for example, invitations or announcements, phone messages, advertisements, commercial catalogues, books, general periodicals or other publications (such as newspapers or magazines) published outside of the school system, out-of-date information, or other general correspondence that is typically not kept beyond its usefulness in the normal course of business.