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Bulk Mailing Procedures

The two types of bulk mailing used by Charles County Public Schools are standard mail and first-class presort mail.

All pieces in each mailing should be identical in size and weight.

The following are mailing classifications used for bulk mailings:

Standard mail

Standard mail requires a minimum of 200 pieces. This type of mailing is used when schools/centers mail general information, such as newsletters. Typical delivery time is seven to 14 days. 

First Class Presort mail

First Class Presort mail requires a minimum of 500 pieces. This type of mailing is used when schools/centers mail personal information and must be used when the information contains the names of individuals and private information. Typical delivery time is one to three days.

Use the following guidelines to prepare documents for bulk mailings:

  • Use either a regular number 10 envelope or ones with the see-through address window (the document inside will have the address printed in the appropriate place). Labels should be printed and not handwritten. The Post Office does not accept handwritten addresses, only computer generated.
  • The Post Office requires that bulk mailings with self-mailer envelopes (bi-fold, tri-fold or right-angle fold) be folded so that the open end is at the top and is secured with 2 (1.5) inch clear tabs - 1 inch from each end. Documents secured with tape or staples will not be accepted. The address label should be placed in the appropriate area. 
  • All envelopes and self-mailers need to include either the CCPS return address or the individual school/center return address. All pieces must have the current bulk mailing indicia and “address service requested” printed or self-stamped in one of the approved areas. Do not use the “address service requested” stamp if the individual pieces are not to be returned for address issues. Returned mail results in a charge per piece.
  • For all standard mailings, each address label needs to include the following information: recipients first and last name, a backslash, (/) and the word occupant. This ensures a complete delivery and results in no additional returned mail charges. All address labels should be placed in the appropriate area. Stamps for the bulk indicia and “address service requested” are available in the mailroom. Contact Dawn Calder at or Trevon Savoy at to request the stamps or a mailing information sample. Information on address service requested procedures and benefits are located on the USPS website:
  • To sort your mailing by zip code and determine the total cost
    Bulk Rate Zip Code Break Down Sheet
  • Process a check made payable to POSTMASTER. Contact Dawn Calder at ext. 7213 or Trevon Savoy at ext. 7489 to make arrangements to drop off the mailing.

It is important to adhere to these bulk-mailing guidelines. Employees at the Waldorf Bulk Mailing Processing Center inspect a piece of all bulk mailings to ensure the documents are secured correctly. If a bulk mailing has not been put together correctly, the post office can reject the documents.

Page updated: April 12, 2024.