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CCPS Fraud Reporting Information

Reporting Fraud, Illegal Acts, Waste and Abuse of CCPS Property

Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) is committed to maintaining public trust and financial integrity. Internal controls have been implemented to safeguard CCPS assets and to ensure that CCPS funds are spent in accordance with Board policy and the annual budget.

To help safeguard CCPS assets and ensure financial integrity, a confidential hotline is available for employees to report suspected financial fraud, illegal acts, waste and abuse.

The hotline number is 301-302-8305.



Intentional acts to obtain unauthorized or unlawful gain, such as theft or embezzlement. Fraud is understood to mean dishonest and deliberate course of action which results in the obtaining of money, property or an advantage to which the recipient would not normally be entitled.

Illegal Acts

Violation of laws and regulations and violations of provisions of contracts or grant agreements. Waste – the expenditure or allocation of resources is significantly in excess of need.


Behavior that is deficient or improper when compared with behavior that a prudent person would consider reasonable and necessary business practice given the facts and circumstances.

Examples of items that should be reported:

  • Theft of CCPS assets (property or money)
  • Misuse of CCPS assets
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Waste or abuse of CCPS Resources
Reporting procedure:

Employees should submit complaints in writing to their division supervisor, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources or the Superintendent of Schools for further investigation.

Employees may also call the confidential hotline at 301-302-8305 to report suspected fraud.

The Board of Education encourages employees to report any actions which may violate the law, regulations, policies, rules or procedures. Board policy 4820, located on Board Docs at, states that the school system cannot retaliate against any employee for filing a report in good faith.