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The Student Athletics Program is an integral part of the total school educational program. Charles County Public Schools embraces the importance of providing a well-balanced athletics program to augment the learning activities of the classroom. Student athletics programs teach and reinforce, through empirical learning, lessons consistent with the CCPS student achievement goals of academics, essential life skills, and responsibility to the community.

Life lessons such as teamwork, goal setting, time management, sportsmanship, commitment, and leadership are taught through daily experiences and prepare students for future life challenges.

Contact Information

Richard Pauole
Director of Student Activities, Athletics and Aquatics


Athletic Director



Lackey John Lush  301-743-5431, 301-753-1753
La Plata Chris Butler 301-934-1100, 301-753-1754
McDonough Pamela Thornton-Miller  301-934-2944, 301-753-1755
North Point Andy Shattuck  301-753-1759
St Charles Jennifer Smith  301-753-2090
Thomas Stone Kevin Heider  301-843-0074, 301-753-1756
Westlake Andrew Dutrow  301-645-8857, 301-753-1758