Material Distribution Request

Charles County Public Schools
Office of School Administration

Material Distribution Request

On behalf of the Deputy Superintendent, the Office of School Administration reviews requests to distribute materials through students in Charles County Public Schools. For consideration, an organization or person requesting distribution must be classified in one of the following non-profit tax categories:

  • 501(c)3 – Refers to the IRS Tax Code and the designation it grants to operate as a non-profit corporation and accept contributions from the public without paying taxes.
  • 501(c)4 – An organization that is not organized for profit, which is operated exclusively to promote social welfare.
Charles County Public Schools Policy #1322
The Superintendent will make provision for review and approval/disapproval of all materials proposed by outside groups for distribution in the community via students. The appropriateness of the material as it relates to the overall purpose of the school will be the determining factor.

Charles County Public Schools Rule #1322
All requests from groups or individuals to distribute materials in the community through students, with the exception of those listed below, shall be referred to the Deputy Superintendent’s office for written approval:

  • PTA/PTO announcements;
  • materials pertaining to activities sponsored by the Charles County Department of Community Services; and
  • routine school announcements.

The following materials will not be approved for distribution:

  • advertisement for the purpose of private gain or profit;
  • materials for the furtherance of any politically partisan interest; and
  • materials for the furtherance of any sectarian concern.

Material Distribution Guidelines: Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) welcomes the opportunity for local non-profit organizations to distribute materials to students if the criteria below is observed:

  • Electronic material distribution request form completed and submitted along with:
    • a PDF of the material to be distributed;
    • a PDF of your organization’s current 501C(3) or 501C(4) certificate.
  • Form must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the distribution date.
  • Allow five business days for the review process.
  • The material MUST have the following disclaimer in 12-point bold on the bottom of your material:
    This event or activity is not sponsored or endorsed by Charles County Public Schools.
  • The material must clearly indicate that this is an activity for students.
  • The material must be age and/or developmentally appropriate for students.
  • Multiple requests for distribution from the same entity must be reviewed and approved individually and accompanied by a material distribution request form.
  • Materials are only approved for a one-time distribution and must be re-submitted each time.
  • No fundraising materials are allowed from groups outside of the school system.

Note: To ensure the clarity and appropriateness of the material, CCPS may request the material be edited. If permission to distribute the material is denied, the non-profit organization shall have the opportunity to make necessary revisions and/or deletions and resubmit for approval.

The final decision concerning material distribution, and the manner in which the materials are distributed, is the principal’s discretion. Some principals may prefer having a limited number of materials available in the office for students who are interested, as opposed to distributing one to every student – this method is used in middle and high schools. Posting of material is preferred at the secondary level. Please do not make copies of your material until approval is received and you have reached out to the principal for their preference of distribution.

  • Duplication and delivery of materials is the responsibility of the organization requesting permission to distribute.
  • After receiving approval from the Office of School Administration, please contact the approved school(s) prior to delivering the materials. A copy of your approval letter must be included with each set of material you deliver.

For consideration, this form must be submitted at least two weeks in advance to distribution date. Please allow five business days for the review process.

Suggestions for other avenues of advertising (this is not an endorsement from CCPS) for organizations that are not a non-profit:

  • Local newspapers, Maryland Independent, 301-645-8945 (published twice a week)
  • Local libraries, childcare centers, grocery store bulletin boards

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