Bus Transportation

Bus Change Request, Bus Stop Concern, Bus Driver Compliment or Concern, or Community Concern Reports


Bus Stop Concern - Select this option if:

1. Your address is eligible for school bus transportation, but no stop exists.
2. Your address has a bus stop, but there is a problem with the stop (safety, location, etc.).

Bus Driver Compliment or Concern - Select this option if:

1. You would like to share a compliment regarding your student`s bus driver.
2. You have a concern regarding your student`s bus driver.

Community Concern - Select this option if:

You are a community member who has witnessed something relevant to CCPS Transportation that you wish to communicate directly to CCPS supervisors.

Bus Change Request Form (This request MUST be filled out every school year by the parent/guardian as daycare options may have changed, etc.) - Select this option if:

1.Your student requires transportation from their daycare location (AM, PM, or both). The daycare must be within the school zone of your home address to receive transportation.
2. Your student requires transportation due to a custody situation.


1. Fill out the Bus Stop Concern form, if there is no stop at your child's daycare address.
2. Receive the bus stop information from the Transportation Department.
3. Use the bus stop information you received from the Transportation Department, for your daycare, to fill out the Bus Change Request form.


If your child receives special transportation through the IEP process, do not submit a bus change request or bus stop concern. You must address any issues regarding transportation through the IEP facilitator at your child`s school.

NOTE: Please do not use the autofill function to fill out the form.

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