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Digital Parenting Resources

 Digital Device Advice

5 Reasons to Consider Coviewing

Stop Tech From Interfering with Sleep

Four Smart Screen Time Tips for Kids

5 Ways to Deal With Hate Speech Online

5 Ways to Make YouTube Safer

Common Sense Plugged In Parents

Digital Parenting Agreement Examples

7 Steps to Good Digital Parenting

English version of 7 Steps to Good Digital Parenting

7 pasos para la paternidad digital

Spanish Version of 7 pasos para la paternidad digital

Family Online Safety Agreement

English version of Family Online Safety Agreement

Acuerdo Familiar de Seguridad en Línea

Spanish version of Acuerdo Familiar de Seguridad en Línea

What's Happening in Your Child's World

The Rise of Online Video

"New research from Common Sense Media reveals that young kids are watching more streaming video than ever before...but the content that kids come across isn’t exactly the best or the most educational."

Preschooler (2-4)

"Your preschooler is walking, talking, and asking lots of questions. They're also starting to recognize numbers and letters. Find out what else is going on with your 2-, 3-, or 4-year-old and how best to approach screen use."

Little Kids (5-7)

"Playing dress-up, laughing at potty humor, and being afraid of the dark -- sound like your 5-, 6-, or 7-year-old? Discover what else is going on with your little one and how to get the best out of screens."

Big Kid (8-9)

"Your kid turned 8 or 9 years old, and all of a sudden you have a tween. They're talking about their BFFs and insisting on doing things for themselves. Get help finding great stuff for them to watch, read, and play."

Tween (10-12)

"Your 10-, 11-, and 12-year-olds are growing up. Now they're into their friends and may even have their first smartphones. Learn essential online safety tips and how to find great media picks."

Teenager (13+ Year Olds)

"Multitasking during homework, binge-watching shows, and constantly checking social media: Welcome to the teen years. Discover how to guide your older kids online and help them become media savvy."