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Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Technology is to provide a safe and reliable technology infrastructure, as well as technology-enabled resources, training, and support to ensure Charles County Public Schools is prepared to meet and exceed our instructional, administrative, and business goals.

Our Vision

The vision of the Office of Technology is to improve student achievement by providing equitable access to high-quality, technology-enabled working and learning environments. 

Our Services

  • Technical Support
  • Network and Connectivity
  • Infrastructure & Systems Management
  • Business Continuity and Recovery
  • Cybersecurity
  • Overall Technology Management
  • Instructional Technology Education and Training

Our Team

Charmaine Thompson,
Chief of Instructional Technology

  • Oversees the exploration and management of creative and innovative uses of technology.
  • Improves instructional and administrative experiences for all district users.

Amanda Chapman,
Secretary to Director

  • Manages  records and documents of technology equipment.
  • Assists schools with technology purchasing questions and quotes.
  • Coordinates all technology deliveries.

Lora Bennett,
Executive Director of IT Strategy

  • Develops and implements system technologies. 
  • Supervises telecommunications and information systems applications. 
  • Evaluates user needs and recommends automation of technology systems. 

Jill Warring,
Help Desk Administrator

  • Supervises Computer Analysts and Helpdesk operations.
  • Develops and implements support technologies.
  • Provides timely and effective technical support via various communication channels.

Lynn Zindler,
Systems Administrator

  • Maintains and supports a multiuser computer environment.
  • Ensures continuous, optimal performance of IT services.
  • Builds solutions while managing  assets and updating hardware and software.

Charlotte Watts,
Inventory Specialist

  • Maintains, reviews, and verifies inventory.
  • POC for all technology sensitive item inventories
  • Coordinates with all parties on deliveries, tracking, and audits of assets.

Laura Metz,
Instructional Technology Specialist 

  • Provides training and resources to facilitate the use of technology.
  • Recommends and evaluates district level emerging technologies.
  • Develops communications and strategies to drive change management for new technology initiatives.

Jimmy Eppley, 
LMS Administrator

  • Implements, configures, and maintains Canvas, the CCPS Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Collaborates with stakeholders to improve teaching and learning through course design and integration of LTI tools.

Justin Maus, Lead Network Engineer Wide Area Network (WAN) 

  • Designs, implements, monitors, and maintains the WAN infrastructure, including switches, wiring, phones, firewalls, and filters.
  • Tests and evaluates new WAN technologies.

Tak Cheng, Lead Network Engineer
Local Area Network (LAN)

  • Designs, implements, monitors, and maintains the local area network infrastructure, including servers, software, and user accounts.
  • Tests and evaluates new LAN technologies.

Wide Area Network Engineers
Local Area Network Engineers
Help Desk and Repair Office Staff
Computer Analysts and Interns
Computer Analyst Youth Apprentice

These employees support across all of CCPS. You may see them rebooting systems, inventorying devices, or installing hardware and software from time to time. However, what they do behind the scenes can be even more vital.  They ensure our infrastructure such as our networks, hardware, circuitry, servers, phones, and equipment runs properly. They also ensure functionality so users have a seamless experience with distribution, support, applications, data storage, and information security.

Our Classroom Technology

In-person and virtual classrooms are equipped with technology to meet the demands of 21st Century teaching and learning. All students and teachers are issued a laptop or other device depending on their responsibilities and needs. Each classroom is equipped with a VOIP telephone, as well as wired and wireless network access. Technology varies by classroom needs, but can include: 

  • Teaching workstation
  • Smart Panel or Board
  • Ceiling-mounted projector or projector on a cart
  • iPads
  • Student workstations
  • Document Camera
  • Audio System
  • Printer
  • 3D printer
  • Robot

Interested in Doing Business with CCPS Technology Department?

Maryland State Law requires CCPS to publish notices of procurements and procurement awards on eMaryland Marketplace (eMM). The requirement extends only to contracts procured through competitive sealed bidding, competitive sealed proposals and noncompetitive negotiations, and to procurements whose value equals or exceeds that for State of Maryland contracts that must be published on eMM.

Offeror/Proposers are encouraged to register as a Vendor/Contractor with eMM at and must be registered with eMM to receive solicitation information. If you require assistance, contact the help desk at or call (410) 767-1492.

Youth Apprenticeship

We are excited to be a part of the Apprenticeship Maryland Program (AMP)!

Learn more about amp