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School Locator for the 2021-22 School Year

student bus info lookup for the 2021-22 school year 

The information provided concerning a school's attendance zone should be used for information purposes only. Charles County Public Schools reserves the right to assign a student to a different school than the one listed here as the zoned school. For more information about school assignments, please contact Student Services at 301-934-7326.

Charles County Public Schools is using a new school bus routing system through VEO Transportation.  School Locator allows the public to enter a Charles County address to see school attendance zones. The system also shows if an address is eligible for school bus transportation or falls within a walk zone. The locator features interactive school zone maps; users can search the maps to view an entire school zone area. The new base map is the same utilized by Charles County Emergency Services and includes new neighborhood developments.

If an address is not found in the system, submit a Bus Stop Concern help ticket to the CCPS Transportation Department.

submit a bus stop Concern help ticket 

North Point High School Eligibility

If students live within the North Point High School zone, the locator will display North Point High as the only eligible high school and display a zoning map that shows just the North Point zone. If an address is anywhere in the county outside of the North Point zone, it will display two high schools: one that is the zoned school and North Point based on acceptance in a CTE program. When clicked, the North Point High School CTE eligibility map for those students will show the entire county except for the actual NPHS zone.

Somers/Stoddert Moratorium Zone

**note: the moratorium zone will be discontinued once middle school redistricting is implemented at the start of school year 2022-23**

The area established by CCPS that includes the southern portion of St. Charles, wherein students are assigned to a middle school based on the finalization date of the home in which they reside. Any address falling in this moratorium zone will list two middle schools (Somers and Stoddert) and families must contact Transportation to determine eligibility based on the county permits for their individual homes.  Read more about the moratorium.

  • All homes built and finalized (Charles County Use & Occupancy permit) before or on July 15, 2016 are to attend Milton M. Somers Middle School.
  • All homes built and finalized on or after July 16, 2016 are to attend Benjamin Stoddert Middle School.  

Middle School redistricting takes effect at the start of the 2022-23 school year.

Middle School Redistricting Webpage
Alternative A-CCPS Redistricting Interactive Map

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