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Register Your Child for School

Welcome to Charles County Public Schools!

All children entering Charles County Public Schools must have the following:

  • A physical examination by a physician or a certified practitioner. Physicals must be completed between nine months prior to and six months after entering school.
    Health forms for students
  • Proof that the student has completed the grade prior to the one in which the parent is seeking enrollment, such as a report card marked promoted.
  • Child’s birth certificate or other acceptable proof of birth (e.g. passport/visa; physician’s certificate; baptismal or church certification; hospital certificate; or birth registration).
    (If the child was born in Maryland, a copy of his/her birth certificate can be purchased from the Charles County Health Department. Call 301-609-6900.)
  • Identity of Person Enrolling Student and Relationship to Student: Person enrolling student must present official parent/guardian photo identification and proof of relationship to student. ​​​​

       Examples of proof of parent/guardian identity that includes a photograph: 

  • Driver's license
  • Passport
  • Other legal form of identification

       Examples of proof of parent/guardian relationship to student:

  • Birth certificate of student which identifies the parents
  • Court order
  • Separation agreement or divorce decree
  • Other legal form of identification
  • Students who are transferring from another school in Maryland should also have a copy of the Student Record Card 7 that is completed by the sending school. The Student Record Card 7 is also called the Maryland Student Withdrawal/Transfer Record. 
  • Two proofs of Domicile / Residency *Note-Parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for promptly notifying the school system of any change in address. Failure to do so may result in the student being immediately transferred to the school zoned for the student’s correct address.
    ​​​​​​​proofs of Domicile / Residency

Online Registration for Students New to CCPS Entering Pre-K through 12th Grade

Parents should use the registration link below to register a child not already enrolled in CCPS. Students currently enrolled do not need to register for the next school year.  Registrations can not be processed until all required documents have been uploaded.  Please email with questions about online registration or contact the school for assistance.

Parents new to CCPS must first create a ParentVUE account to register online using a valid email address.

Create a New Account

New users must first click More Options located underneath the word Login, then select Create a New Account.  Click the link below to create an account and start the registration process. The Create a New Account option is only available when you use the registration link provided below.

Parents with students already enrolled in CCPS can complete the registration for another child using an active ParentVUE account.

Online Registration Link

Parents who have not activated their ParentVUE account should email The Online Registration tab is in the upper right-hand corner of all ParentVUE accounts when you log in using a web browser. Online Registration is not available on the ParentVUE mobile app until the electronic signature step is completed in a web browser. Parents can use the mobile app if they would like to take photos of the proofs of domicile then upload them through the mobile app. If you have questions about Online Registration, please email Click the link below to start online registration.  After you log in, the link below will open directly to Online Registration.

Online Registration Instructions

start the registration process